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a television system that has more than the usual number of lines per frame so its pictures show more detail

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The new technology enables an 8-centimeter DVD to record Digital Hi-Vision images of up to 40 minutes, they said.
Subaru, NHK, and I will promote the project by attaching a supersensitive Hi-Vision video camera we developed to the telescope and broadcasting the images live to my home country.
Manufacturers have defected from the Hi-Vision system and dramatically scaled back their mass-market dreams.
WASHINGTON -- Japanese public broadcaster NHK will present the latest iteration of its Super Hi-Vision system at the 2013 NAB Show.
The development of cutting-edge innovation in various industries has given rise to the adoption of a new class of digital video format, termed Super Hi-Vision or Ultra High Definition (UHD).
With digital out-of-home presentations and high quality acquisition high on the list of current trends, IBC Content Everywhere will bring NHK's Super Hi-Vision system to the Middle East for the first time.
The awarded LCD display is the world's first(2) 8K Super Hi-Vision full-spec LCD display offering pictures with overwhelming realistic sensation.
Hoya will send a 5 [pounds sterling] or 6 [euro] shopping voucher if a practitioner adds Hi-Vision LongLife to their Hoyalux iD Hoyalux iD MyStyle/InStyle/ LifeStyle V+ order.
In the five years ahead, things will change rapidly as more people will see such high-quality contents as hi-vision broadcasting with large-screen flat panel TVs,'' Hirahara told a press conference held to take the wraps off the new products.
I work in the video creation industry and am interested in Hi-vision,'' said a 22-year-old man from Tokorozawa, Saitama Prefecture, who was first in line to buy the Xbox 360, which features enhanced video quality.
After a massive amount of investment and lengthy development, Hi-Vision was rolled out in 1991, with trial broadcasts followed quickly by regular programing.
The challenge becomes even greater with the move to 4K and 8K formats, such as Super Hi-Vision and Ultra-HD that operate at much higher data rates, which makes switching systems significantly more susceptible to jitter and timing problems during signal transmission across backplanes and cables.
Cisco took the opportunity to showcase its vision of the connected world of the near future and NHK demonstrated its Super Hi-Vision 8k system, including new cameras light enough to be used on Steadicam.
0 megapixel camera capable of recording Hi-Vision movies and Fujitsu Mobile Integrated Dictionary +(2), a full-featured electronic dictionary that provides access to a total of 29 different dictionaries, this model offers a wide range of capabilities to satisfy customers looking to enjoy long-term, hassle-free use.