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a hemoprotein composed of globin and heme that gives red blood cells their characteristic color

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A meta-analysis showed that the risk of maternal mortality can be reduced by 20% for each 1 g/dl increase in Hgb concentration (6).
Treatment of anemia to an Hgb target with an ESA was once considered best practice, but that has changed.
The co-efficient of variation of HGB has noted 57 percent as compared to the PGB 59.77 percent.
The mortality risk increased with lower HGB concentrations, and mortality from infectious and malignant diseases was higher in persons with anemia as defined by WHO criteria." The authors of this study concluded that the WHO criteria for defining anemia are appropriate for the elderly and that low HGB concentrations may indicate underlying disease.
(b) continue with current EPO dosage and check Hgb in two weeks time
The mean grain protein content for the HGB lines (176 g [kg.sup.-1]) and HGAB lines (177 g [kg.sup.-1]) was significantly higher compared with the HWC group (171 g [kg.sup.-1]), while the mean grain protein for the HGA lines (173 g [kg.sup.-1]) was not significantly different from the HWC group (Table 2).
The overall geometric mean BLL of children in the sample was 7.2 [micro] g/dL (2.0-41.7 [micro] g/dL), and the geometric mean Hgb level was 12.8 g/dL (8.9-16.1 g/dL).
approach, this study examines the distribution of HYB and the spread returns and compares them with HGB and LGB.
Factor 3 has loadings of significance on only three variables: Hct (.948), Hgb (.921) and the count (.463), which would correlate with protein intake.
HGB's sentence should end with can be and are turned away
Despite the ability to minimize intraoperative blood loss, postoperative hemoglobin (Hgb) loss is expected, and a number of studies have reported on hidden blood loss after THA and TKA.
The intervention group decreased glycosylated hemoglobin (Hgb A1C) by 1.2% compared to a decrease of 0.8% for the control group.
The Hgb range control scoring is weighted toward the 10 g/dL Section 153 (c) ESRD Anemia Management Limits (Hgb).
Because hollow glass beads (HGB) possess the characters of low density, isotropy and so on, they were broadly used to fabricate syntactic foams [19-23].