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In reality he was trying to get the Scottish audience's attention and pull them into the daily performances of his stand-up comedy troupe Al Hezb El Comedy.
Iran's chief surrogate is Abdul ali Mazari, leader of the Shia Hezb i Wahdat i Islami coalition, a bitter opponent of Rabbani's government.
Thereafter Hezb e Islami representatives took the agreement to Hekmatyar for review.
These neo-Zionists show the war as one against the Shiites, explaining it by the intervention of Hezb Allah alongside the Syrian army, but at the same time turning a blind eye to the jihadists from 80 nationalities they themselves dispatched to Syria to make war against the regular army.
Noor Agha Ashrafi, a political analyst and well acquainted with the views of jihadist groups says, "The main cadres of Hezb e Islami included educated and literate individuals that had a vital role during the years of war by the mujahedin and civil war, and after the fall of Taleban with the government.
NNA - MP Mohammad Kabbara described Saturday the abduction of two Turkish pilots as a terrorist act par excellence, calling on President Michel Sleiman to order the use of Martyr President Renee Mouawad Airport in kar, known as Qoleiat airport, since Rafik Hariri International Airport and the roads leading to it are under the grip of a terrorist Hezb (party) and many official and security personnel were incapable and unwilling to do anything to stop this terrorist outbreak.
The most influential political parties here are Hezb Islami, Hezb Tahrir and Jamiat Islami.
Rahman was with Hezb Islami in 1981 and then he joined Ittehad-al-Islami (a jihadist party led by Rasul Sayyaf who was a candidate in the current presidential elections) to fight against the erstwhile Soviet Union.
The road was under the control of the Hezb Islami led by Gulbuddin Hekmatyar.
ISAD had confirmed the clash but denied the Hezb claims of casualties.
Hezb al-Islam, a rebel group allied to the Al Qaeda-inspired Shebab in the fight against the government, claimed the attack which was the heaviest in weeks.
Directives issued in this context pertain to pinpointing of elements belonging from banned outfits, as the process has been initiated in the wake of arrest of Army Brigadier, arrested for his alleged sympathies/connections with banned outfit of Hezb -al-Tehreer.