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an organism that depends on complex organic substances for nutrition

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Undoubtedly, carbohydrates are the preferred catabolic pathway of many aerobic and facultative heterotrophs, and the catabolic process involves oxidation of a simple or complex carbohydrate and oxygen as a terminal electron acceptor [17, 50, 54-56].
During growth studies of the heterotrophs, the substrate is oxidized by microbes and organic acids like malic, oxalic, citric and tartaric acid which plays an elemental role in the extraction of metals [31].
(a) Organism Sink drain Sponge Total viable count (b) 4.24 [+ or -] 0.08 75.52 [+ or -] 0.33 Heterotrophs (c) 4.25 [+ or -] 0.08 75.61 [+ or -] 0.20 Pseudomonads (d) 3.59 [+ or -] 0.08 70.29 [+ or -] 0.13 Enteric species (e) 2.90 [+ or -] 0.00 74.25 [+ or -] 0.26 Staphylococci/Micrococci (f) 2.83 [+ or -] 0.07 66.51 [+ or -] 0.13 Organism Draining Rack Total viable count (b) 6.75 [+ or -] 0.00 Heterotrophs (c) 6.54 [+ or -] 0.31 Pseudomonads (d) 6.05 [+ or -] 0.02 Enteric species (e) 5.52 [+ or -] 0.01 Staphylococci/Micrococci (f) 5.52 [+ or -] 0.09 (a) Data are mean [log.sub.10] CFU/ml for samples isolated from the sink drain and draining rack and mean [log.sub.10] CFU/g for the kitchen sponge from duplicate experiments [+ or -] standard deviation.
It was used as substrate to target heterotrophs because it was assumed that the available organic matter in the subsurface would be plant-derived complex carbohydrates.
In heterotrophs, either zoophagous or phytophagous, standard digestion of food protein includes coordinated and sequential interventions of peptidases.
Furthermore, the interaction between nitrifiers, heterotrophs and predators in wastewater treatment was considered in their model.
Animals and other heterotrophs that cannot synthesize their own food obtain these useful compounds by consuming such primary producers.
These tests expose Salmonella typhimurium strains that are histidine heterotrophs to the substance in question and assay for histidine autotroph mutants.
Rice plant can form natural associations with various N2-fixing bacteria, both phototrophs and heterotrophs. These diazotrophs can improve growth and development of rice plants by transferring fixed N2 or by producing phytohormone.
Reducing organic carbon might also be expected to reduce OPPP concentrations because all three of the species discussed herein are heterotrophs, requiring organic carbon for growth.
Enumeration of heterotrophs, fecal coliforms and Escherichia coli in water: comparison of 3MTM Petrifilm[TM] plates with standard plating procedures.
In the biological process, nitrogen removal is achieved through nitrification by autotrophs and denitrification by heterotrophs; i.e., nitrification occurs under aerobic condition in which ammonium-N is oxidized firstly to nitrite, then to nitrate.
To evaluate disinfection efficiency, the bacterial count was monitored in the three bacterial populations with the highest (Colonies Forming Units) CFU/mL isolated from the wastewater: heterotrophs, total coliforms and Gram-positive bacilli.
Primary succession often involves colonization of microscopic heterotrophs before autotrophs.