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a bar of milk chocolate made by the Hershey company

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In Mac's panic, he ate all the Hershey bars during the night, Louie and Phil barely contain their frustration, Louie expresses his disappointment to Mac, Mac says nothing,
I'm a baseball player collecting Hershey bars, crunch bars, Kit Kats, Skittles and candy corn!
THEY were known as the "Yanks" - American GIs with Brylcreemed hair and smart uniforms who handed out pineapples, chocolate and Hershey bars to fascinated, ration-restricted children in World War II Swansea.
For someone who drinks a soda every day, for example, downing a 16-ounce Coke instead of a 20-ounce one trims 14,600 calories a year, or the equivalent of 70 Hershey bars.
There will also be a deli offering American treats including Grape Soda, A+W Root Beer, Hershey Bars, Butterfingers, Twinkies, BabyRuths and Pepsi Cherry, as well as Central Perk merchandise.
The Pennsylvania-based firm - famed for its iconic Hershey bars in the US - had been weighing up its own move but Kraft's improved bid, including a higher cash share, put too much pressure on the firm.
Hershey, a US brand known for its Hershey bars and Kisses, is smaller than Cadbury and could sell off some of its European brands to Italian confectionery firm Ferrero or launch a possible joint bid.
Sunny skies, mild days and crisp, clear nights have been to fall fanciers what getting nothing but Hershey bars is to trick-or-treaters.
Elizabeth Fry, whose husband's Chocolate Cream is a tasty little thing, was a renowned Victorian prison reformer and the bloke who makes Hershey bars in America founded a much-loved theme park.
Frankly, I thought of limbo as a rather special place, free of peer pressure, unlinked to the blessed on the school honor roll--just a quiet, blissful state filled with Hershey bars and free from all those bobble-heads who always remembered to bring their school ties and who never lusted after anything other than Uneeda Biscuits.
Well, caddies are there to be just that - caddies not photographers And real golfers want their caddie to dispence advice on golf, not take snaps, sell Hershey bars and give you a shoe shine.
The famous confectionery manufacturers, best known for Hershey bars and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, are importing Newcastle-made little Rolos for the US market.
He practised saluting, marching up and down in a cavernous helmet which must have seemed more like a coracle, pleaded ``any gum, chum?'' whenever possible, and caught Hershey bars when they were thrown.
Mexican brands now compete side by side with products like Gatorade, Hershey bars, and Dove soap.