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a bar of milk chocolate made by the Hershey company

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Of course, I got my Hershey bar; I still know the poem by heart, long-term memory being stickier and all.
And, most important, what does that description of the Hershey bar swarmed by ants tell us about the newlyweds' chances, swarmed by dwarfs?
But I had never seen a Piper's Hershey bar wing flex.
The beauty of the Hershey bar is that the production allows'it, 4t to always end up tasting and looking the same.
For example, who knew that the Hershey bar, canned tuna, the muffuleta, Jell-o, and cotton candy all originated in the first decade of the twentieth century?
In Colorado, Washington, and a few other states, for instance, a Hershey bar is taxable candy, but a Kit Kat bar counts as tax-exempt food, thanks to the presence of flour.
With all that pleasure packed into a Hershey bar, it's a miracle the feds don't regulate the stuff, he joked.
Customers will be able to customise their own Hershey bar by having their picture and personal message printed on a bar of chocolate.
That was Ash Day One and now, just a couple of days later, planes are back in the air, most errant travellers have made it home and, unless they had to single-handedly paddle the Atlantic in a canoe stitched from Hershey Bar wrappers, then nobody any longer much cares to hear their story.
The maker of the iconic Hershey bar could launch a formal offer for Cadbury by January 23, according to newspaper reports.
Granola (like the crunchy kind above) has twice as many calories (345 in a cup) as some cereals and 27 grams of sugar (that's more than a Hershey bar!).
By Jerry Hirsch Kei Okumura is an unrepentant chocoholic with a preference for the dark side.The Los Angeles mother of an infant son reduced her chocolate munching during her recent pregnancy, but now she's back at Trader Joe's several times a week purchasing bars of dark chocolate."I always have two to four bars of different chocolate to nibble on daily," said Okumura, who figures she spends about $12 a week on the candy and has spent up to $8 on a single bar.At a time when overall chocolate sales are as flat as a Hershey bar, customers such as Okumura are fueling a surge in consumption of dark chocolate, typically characterized by its bitterness and hints of coffee and berries.
So in America it's the grainy, bitter Hershey Bar, in Europe they love their creamy, smooth Belgian chocs and for us Brits it's Cadburys - always has been, always will be.
Many of his collages from the '60s and '70s, including a number of the Venuses (others had different subjects or were nonrepresentational) are made of bits of Hershey bar wrappers or other printed matter, which Hansen cut into anagrammatic fragments.