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English astronomer (born in Germany) who discovered infrared light and who catalogued the stars and discovered the planet Uranus (1738-1822)

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These men--Charles Babbage, John Herschel, William Whewell and Richard Jones--fought to promote Francis Bacon's inductive method, which depended on data to form overarching theories.
Mots cles: ile Herschel, William Herschel, Caroline Herschel, John Herschel, John Franklin, Territoire du Yukon
GALILEO GALILEI, Isaac Newton, William Herschel, William Huggins, George Ellery Hale, Arthur Eddington, Harlow Shapley, and Edwin Hubble are all nicely profiled in this volume subtitled "The Astro-Physicists." In sprightly prose, often interlaced with quotes, Ian Glass weaves together these eight lives (warts and all) and their scientific careers.
It's curious that two years earlier Caroline Herschel, William's sister, apparently overlooked the cluster when she discovered the showpiece galaxy NGC 253 (Caldwell 65), which is located a scant 1 1/2[degrees] to the northwest.