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English astronomer (son of William Herschel) who extended the catalogue of stars to the southern hemisphere and did pioneering work in photography (1792-1871)

English astronomer (born in Germany) who discovered infrared light and who catalogued the stars and discovered the planet Uranus (1738-1822)

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In addition, Wilson says Ceramicx is able to use the Herschel to design and create "ever more bespoke" IR heating systems for the needs of different thermoforming companies.
More information about NASA's role in Herschel is available at:
Two months later, Herschel project astronomer Mark Kidger gave a fascinating talk on the subject of 'Living the Herschel Mission Dream' at the Association's Autumn Weekend meeting held in Bristol on September 6-8, during which he made an urgent appeal for someone to try to recover Herschel and report astrometry of it.
In the new study, Herschel was used to spot the colliding galaxies, called HXMM01, located about 11 billion light-years from Earth, during a time when our universe was about 3 billion years old.
The planet would come to be known as Uranus, but for Herschel it was Georgium Sidus, or George's star, named in honour of George III.
Observations with Herschel, XMM-Newton and telescopes at many other wavelengths allow us to study their effects on the galaxy and its surroundings," he added.
It is so bright that the jets are even visible in the sub-millimetre images from the Herschel Space Observatory, which also shows a twisted disc of dust in its centre.
He takes us through the lives of Joseph Banks (Royal Society), William Herschel (astronomer, philosopher), Mungo Park (explorer), Humphry Davy (chemist), Mary Shelley (author of Frankenstein), among others.
Herschel, a retired British forensic psychiatrist, looks back on his 50-year career as a leading authority on forensic work with offenders suffering from mental disorders.
Summary: Scientists know more than ever about the formation of stars thanks to data sent back to earth by the Herschel Space Telescope.
The Herschel Space Observatory said Thursday that its telescopes  heterodyne instrument for the far infrared -- one of Herschel's three innovative instruments -- demonstrates the gold mine of information that Herschel will provide on how organic molecules form in space.
The European Space Agency's Herschel Space Observatory, which launched in May 2009, discovered the fledgling stars by recording emissions of long-wavelength infrared radiation, which unlike visible light penetrates through the embryos' dusty cocoons.
From Herschel to a Hobnail Boot is a fine biography recommended for any library strong in college football memoirs.
Regional organiser Stan Herschel has already written to Nexus urging them not to hand services over to a company which "does not treat its staff with enough basic respect".
The Kepler Mission was successfully launched on 7 March while the Herschel Space Observatory was due to be launched on 16 April 2009.