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a race that considers itself superior to all others and fitted to rule the others


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I was too much for the benighted herrenvolk of Brandfort, the children of Hendrik Verwoerd.
This is the difference between the USSR and the Hitlerian Herrenvolk mentality.
But there is nothing inherently superior about the herrenvolk idea of the supremacy of the whites.
Israel's rule in the occupied territories has transformed it from an imperfect liberal democracy into a Herrenvolk democracy, a term coined for apartheid South Africa, where one group of citizens enjoys full rights, and another group none.
But how did he get under the skin of one of the Herrenvolk so successfully?
Rather than a real democracy in which full political rights accrue to the population as a whole, Israel is what Meron Benvenisti, former deputy mayor of Jerusalem, calls a Herrenvolk democracy, in which full political rights accrue only to a certain group.
As US institutional political support for apartheid crumbled, South Africa's herrenvolk settler regime sank into the dustbin of history.
Israel "posses deplorable features of a Herrenvolk democracy in the case of the Arab minority.
2) All of these countries represent the shift from dictatorship or, as in the case of South Africa, an oppressive herrenvolk democracy--to a more liberal democratic order.
Years later, and of course only in private correspondence--another hallowed tradition in American culture--is the fact of racism acknowledged, as "the shameful days" when workman were called "rag heads" and "coolies," and a "Texas herrenvolk atmosphere" reigned inside American camp.
Himmler saw Lebensborn primarily as a contribution to the genetic selection for the Herrenvolk - the master race - the opposite, positive pole of the sterilization laws ordering the forced sterilization of the physically ill and physically deformed, including blind and deaf - which had been enacted six months after the Party came to power - and the plans in preparation to drive out Jews and other minderwertigen "inferior" peoples.
What we may want to interpret as economic populism could just as easily be resonance with a Herrenvolk democracy--a political assertion of white, male, nativist entitlement as the only truly legitimate citizenship--that has a long history in American politics.
Of course, these images repeat almost completely the rhetorical terms most commonly used by the Non-European Unity Movement: South Africa, these activists assert repeatedly, is governed by "a Herrenvolk so numerous and fanatical, with 'race' and colour distorted and perverted as nowhere else in the whole world" (Hugo, 408).
Mystical potency is no longer perceived as the ability to drive out the demons of the lagoon; it is now perceived as the capacity to mobilize the Herrenvolk, or to awaken entrepreneurial spirit from its slumbers, or to inspire greater productive efforts by the new socialist man.
Nevertheless the contraction of the franchise into a Herrenvolk democracy was not inevitable.