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a race that considers itself superior to all others and fitted to rule the others


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Israel "posses deplorable features of a Herrenvolk democracy in the case of the Arab minority.
2) All of these countries represent the shift from dictatorship or, as in the case of South Africa, an oppressive herrenvolk democracy--to a more liberal democratic order.
What we may want to interpret as economic populism could just as easily be resonance with a Herrenvolk democracy--a political assertion of white, male, nativist entitlement as the only truly legitimate citizenship--that has a long history in American politics.
Through its tendencies to romanticize popular insurgency, New Left-inspired labor and social-history scholarship ironically helped put a sanitizing gloss on this Herrenvolk strain, either by ignoring it or by explaining it away as an unfortunate appendage to authentically radical and democratic politics.
Herrenvolk ideology forms its notions of economic justice in ways that typically are already racist and sexist.
Of course, these images repeat almost completely the rhetorical terms most commonly used by the Non-European Unity Movement: South Africa, these activists assert repeatedly, is governed by "a Herrenvolk so numerous and fanatical, with 'race' and colour distorted and perverted as nowhere else in the whole world" (Hugo, 408).
The democratic underpinnings of the Agrarian agenda, for instance, were less pluralist than they were Herrenvolk - that is, democracy only for the elite who run things for the disenfranchised underlings.
Many, like the former German Herrenvolk of Sudetenland, now a part of the Czech Republic, are minorities that would become majorities if only they crossed or moved a nearby frontier.
Friedrich, achieving an early (aged 24) professorship in philosophy at Basle, extricated himself from the emotional mire of Herrenvolk and Bayreuth in favour of his own apolyptic vision of Zarathustra.
From without, white working-class males--facing a tighter, less-skilled job market and fearing their replacement by urban blacks--began to transform the republicanism of the Founders, which located "public political virtue" in "economic independence," into an ideology that celebrated citizenship in terms of those "who performed 'honest' work with their hands" (and thus, presaging Jacksonian white herrenvolk democracy, and the "free-labor" ideology of mid-century Republicans).
Heartlands herrenvolk, sorry, people, will also be required to display an intimate knowledge and love of Welsh culture which will include an ability to prepare cawl, a preparedness to eat a bucket of cockles without throwing up and be fully conversant with all the various plotlines of Pobol y Cwm.
Herrenvolk democracy, the other argument, held that Africans were subhuman and therefore subject to the master race and unfit for participation in the republic.
So shared racial ideas, a mutual support of slavery, ties of kinship, close community interrelations, and a genuine economic nexus bound the white population, plain folk and planter, together in a kind of herrenvolk democracy that transcended class.
There it all was, the superiority of the Herrenvolk, racialism and all.
Segregation was animated therefore by a broad acceptance of locally derived Herrenvolk conceptions of democracy, while it continued to serve as the postwar state's principal means of opening the more isolated portions of the countryside.