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a German man

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a German courtesy title or form of address for a man

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He directed you to come as Herr Pooterage, and you haf not done so.
But you see the Prince was interested in Herr Pooterage because of his romantic seit.
They said nobody could sing it like Herr Slossenn Boschen; he was so intensely serious all through it that you might fancy he was reciting a tragedy, and that, of course, made it all the funnier.
We said we yearned to hear it, that we wanted a good laugh; and they went downstairs, and fetched Herr Slossenn Boschen.
Then Herr Slossenn Boschen got up, and went on awful.
Herr Boschen said he had sung it once before the German Emperor, and he (the German Emperor) had sobbed like a little child.
Here have I been persuading Herr Liesecke to stop for POMP AND CIRCUMSTANCE, and you are undoing all my work.
We have this call to play in Finsbury Circus, it is true," said Herr Liesecke, as he edged past her and reached the gangway just as the music started.
However, Herr said that demand started dropping again with the outbreak of the trash crisis more than two months ago.
Herr replaces previous AGM Georg Weinlaender, who has returned to his native Austria to pursue a travel trade consultancy opportunity.
Herr will focus on expanding the company's enterprise software platform, nurturing strategic partnerships, accelerating global expansion, and bringing to market the company's innovative marketplace solution.
Robert Columbus Herr III of Mount Vernon, Illinois.
Herr has little name recognition and little funding.
Herr Bruggermann stayed with families from our school.
Herr lost both his legs below the knee in a Mount Washington climbing accident when he was 17, but says that should not inspire pity.