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Greek mathematician and inventor who devised a way to determine the area of a triangle and who described various mechanical devices (first century)

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Hooker, the Nelumbium luteum) in a heron's stomach; although I do not know the fact, yet analogy makes me believe that a heron flying to another pond and getting a hearty meal of fish, would probably reject from its stomach a pellet containing the seeds of the Nelumbium undigested; or the seeds might be dropped by the bird whilst feeding its young, in the same way as fish are known sometimes to be dropped.
Madame de Montespan complied; she took the hand the king held out to her, and he, plucking out the first feather from the heron, which the falconer had strangled, placed it in his beautiful companion's hat.
On the branches of the cedars were perched large eagles; amid the foliage of the weeping willows were herons, solemnly standing on one leg; and on every hand were crows, ducks, hawks, wild birds, and a multitude of cranes, which the Japanese consider sacred, and which to their minds symbolise long life and prosperity.
And there was that marvellous cabinet on the landing, black lacquer with silver herons, which alone would repay a couple of burglars.
The Israeli Air Force (IAF) will take delivery of additional IAI Heron TP's, the largest unmanned reconnaissance aircraft used by the IAF.
ONE of my favourite things when I am out walking is when I see a heron by a river or lake.
to avoid becoming the furs course for a hungry heron.
Pictures shared on social media showed at least five fish in the lake on September 3 but r that was before the heron swooped for his breakfast - and probably his lunch and dinner too.
Former child star Blake Heron passed away on Friday, Sept.
subsidiary has acquired the entire issued share capital of UK-based discount convenience retailer Heron Food Group Ltd.
LIVERPOOL-BASED discount giant B&M Bargains has snapped up fellow low-cost business Heron Foods in a PS152m deal - and has immediately announced plans to open more Heron stores across the country.
DISCOUNT retailer B&M has pledged to open new Heron Foods stores after snapping up the store operator for PS152m.
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Swim-feeding refers to a heron alighting on the water and swimming to capture prey (Kushlan, 1976).
Matt Rice is now senior account supervisor at Blue Heron Communications.