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a couplet consisting of two rhymed lines of iambic pentameter and written in an elevated style

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With the rhythmic march of heroic couplets the poem then quickly escalates to an outright call for Britain "to wield / The beamy spear" and revive the "martial ardour" of its own heroic past (320).
He rejects prose and free verse as not in harmony with the originals, but also diverges from those who would substitute English heroic couplets for the French alexandrine.
Entries were traditionally written in heroic couplets, and "dramatic compositions" were not allowed.
The works that each produced looked to the neoclassical and the heroic couplets that reflected the techniques engaged during this period.
Browning's is written, not (as William Harmon declares) in heroic couplets (which are also called "closed" couplets, and in which the sense is completed in the second line), but in what might be called defiantly unheroic couplets, full of enjambments, the speakers impetuosity of discourse flooding through the form almost without pause to rhyme.
Cunningham all but own the couplet form for contemporary poetry, and Cassity is an outright virtuoso, writing not only heroic couplets, but the tetrameter and dimeter variety, and employing, as Tuma has noted, a rich variety of sonic devices including polysyllabic and hudibrastic rhymes.
18) The following year in a longer poem of sixty-four lines in heroic couplets he grieved over impecunious poets of the past such as Otway, Spenser, Butler, and Sydenham, and rejoiced that 'the reign of British cruelty is o'er,/ And starving Authors curse the land no more'.
The poem, which is written in heroic couplets, is about a contemporary episode in which anti-Catholics, notably the Earl of Shaftesbury, sought to bar James, Duke of York, a Roman Catholic convert and brother to King Charles II, from the line of succession in favor of the king's illegitimate (but Protestant) son, the Duke of Monmouth.
Though Pope's Iliad is the most complete poetic adaptation of Homer's epic in its own right we are likely to have in English, his heroic couplets are a far cry from Homer's unrhymed, rugged hexameters.
Byron attacked not only his enemies, the critics, but also Scott, Wordsworth, and nearly all the literary men of his day, satirizing them in heroic couplets after the manner of Pope's Dunciad.
The poem is written in epic style with heroic couplets.
When it grew to The Columbiad, its dull and almost endless succession of heroic couplets presented past, present, and future glories.
The entire poem, divided into five cantos, is written in heroic couplets.
1711) A didactic poem in heroic couplets by Alexander Pope, written when he was twenty - one or younger.