Hermann Minkowski

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German mathematician (born in Russia) who suggested the concept of four-dimensional space-time (1864-1909)


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He pays homage to a mathematician rather than a creative artist; and yet the discoveries of Hermann Minkowski about 100 years ago play an important part in the lives of all of us.
This sculpture has a special meaning for this article on homage in that it is named in honor of the German mathematician, Hermann Minkowski (1864-1909).
In 1908 the Gottingen mathematician Hermann Minkowski, building on Einstein's special relativity, combined the dimensionality of space and time into a single unified continuum and derived the principle of spacetime.
The Russian-born German mathematician Hermann Minkowski (1864-1909) published Time and Space in 1907.
Mathematician Hermann Minkowski and physicist Roger Penrose developed the model.