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(classical mythology) a hero noted for his strength

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29 June 2011 - Norwegian insurer Gjensidige Forsikring ASA (OSL: GJF) said today it agreed to sell 100% of the shares in its health-related services unit Hjelp24 to Norwegian Herkules Private Equity for NOK315.8m.
Using the Nowah edition, the piece is just contained on one CD and captures well the acoustic of the Herkules Halle, in Munich, and Kubelik has the measure and the pacing of this sprawling symphony, especially the silences after the great climaxes - Bruckner's Luftpausen.
The German Defence Ministry embarked in a similar adventure with the Herkules programme, aiming at modernising the entire Bundeswehr domestic communication and information infrastructure over ten years (2006 to 2016).
The no-ring setup also serves Herkules well, as he pulls an elephant on a flat bed, lets a jeep run over his chest, and catches a 70-pound cannonball fired at 75 mph.
At the end of May, therefore, when Rommel attacked at Gazala, the Axis had committed itself to battle in the wrong place -and when the Afrika Korps went on to take Tobruk, the psychological effect of success was such, as will be seen, that Hitler and Mussolini dropped Herkules with hardly a pang.
Sheytt points out that the anatomist gives the donors he does not personally know names: one is called "Ballerina" due to the shapely feet, another one "Herkules" because of its muscles (55).
In the wake of the sale of Waldrich Siegen and Waldrich Coburg to Herkules (see M.I.R., 5/15/04), OPS G.m.b.H., a small German builder of specialty high-speed-milling machines and high-speed machining centers, has acquired EDM producer Ingersoll Funkenerosionstechnik G.m.b.H.
After leaving Ton, Yannis returned to Greece and led AC Herkules to promotion twice aged just 27.
This could be the first major public private partnership deal for the German government." Under terms of the planned deal, named project "Herkules", CSC's consortium would implement a new central SAP system, modernize the Army's desktop and server infrastructure, and manage its central data centers.
In Kassel, live surveillance footage of the empty, dungeonlike labyrinth beneath the Herkules monument (one of many follies in the area) was projected in the Fridericianum across town.
(9) Compare these lines from Holderlin's poem 'An Herkules': 'Der Olymp ist deine Beute; | Komm und theile sie mit mir!' (I, 200).
There are narratives that are extended jokes, a story about being in love with a dog named Beatrice, numbered narratives, a fiction modeled after a card game, et fiction based on a recipe, epistolary fiction, a fiction based on permutations of a philosophical statement, short brittle pieces that seem to be extensions of Lish's novels, terse little short shorts (such as the very fine "Konkluding Labor of Herkules"), a fish story, and a story in a subway, just to name a few.
In his 1930 essay "Herkules am Scheidewege," Panofsky ends by saying, "In a work of art, `form' cannot be divorced from `content'; the distribution of color and lines, light and shade, volumes and planes, however delightful as a visual spectacle, must also be understood as carrying a more-than-visual meaning."
its Mark series and Herkules imagesetters can output Mitsubishi Digiplate polymer plates as well as page films.