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Bird, "Hereditary ataxias: Overview," Genetics in Medicine, vol.
Olfactory dysfunction in hereditary ataxia and basal ganglia disorders.
FA was first described in the 1860s by German physician Nicholaus Friedreich as a "degenerative atrophy of the posterior columns of the spinal cord" (5).At a prevalence of 1:50 000 in European populations, it is the most frequent form of hereditary ataxia, although it is rare in sub-Saharan Africans and not yet seen in the Far East (6).
A new study of 30 patients with hereditary ataxia showed statistically significant improvements in functionality and quality of life after treatment with a combination of cord blood-derived stem cell treatments and physical therapy.
These defects are: mannosidosis, rejected by causing deformity at the skull and face (JOLLY, 1993); gangliosidosis, but the signs of this disease should include absence of response to external stimulus and slow mastication and deglutition (JOLLY, 1993); cerebellar abiotrophy, but the histological findings include loss of the Purkinge cells (DE LAHUNTA, 1990); hereditary neurodegeneration, but it is a recessive mutation linked to the sex, occurring only on males (GEORGE, 2002); calves's hereditary ataxia, but histological examination reveals aplasia of the cerebellum neurons (GEORGE, 2002).
Autosomal dominant spinocerebellar ataxia with slow eye movements--a common hereditary ataxia in western India.
According to research, vitamin E supplements can reduce symptoms of some types of hereditary ataxia (i.e., neurological disorders that result in uncontrollable physical movements and difficulty walking).
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