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German philosopher who advocated intuition over reason (1744-1803)

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Sino-Japanese tradition presents the Milky Way as the River of Heaven, which separates the Herdboy and Weaver Maid, who can only cross it to meet once a year.
The media have chosen as their emblematic millionaire one Guerman Sterligov, a 26-year-old, uneducated former Moskvitch auto worker and herdboy on a horse farm near Zagorsk, the site of the premier Russian Orthodox monastery, an hour or two from Moscow.
In another incident, a herdboy, was arrested for stealing his employer's goat.
His remarks follow the recent incident where some residents went on the rampage by damaging property, accusing someone for ritual killing, following the death of his herdboy.
One of the renowned farmers in Serowe area, Mr Kelebemang Tebelelo has advised farmers not to solely rely on farm herdboys, but to rather make sure that they are always available to attend to all that is needed at the farm.
Then he prayed them much to give up illtreating the herdboys as if they were not human beings" (Chaka, trans.
Above in the air it smelt pleasantly; above in the air the sun was shining in all its glory and was hanging over the earth in mercy and love; the very herdboys were rejoicing; they had stuffed into their bags the remnants of the feast.
Women had played an important part in these endeavours, as had young people, such as herdboys who drove cattle or goats over the tracks left by PLAN combatants and thus prevented the 'security forces' from pursuing them.
22) Incidentally, hlobonga was traditionally the preferred method used by men who had sex with men (MSM); many of the mineworkers took male 'wives' during their time away from home, and hlobonga was frequently used for sexual experimentation between young herdboys.
I grew so much into the quiet love of nature's preserves that I was never easy but when I was in the fields passing my sabbaths and leisure with the shepherds & herdboys as fancys prompted sometimes playing at marbles on the smooth-beaten sheeptracks or leapfrog among the thymy molehills sometimes running among the corn to get the red & blue flowers for cockades to play at soldiers or running into the woods to hunt strawberries or stealing peas in churchtime when the owners were safe to boil at the gypseys fire who went half-shares at our stolen luxury we heard the bells chime but the field was our church
Both began their working lives as herdboys in the southern part of Kenya's Central Province, not far from Nairobi, and were driven to the city by curiosity and poverty.