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German philosopher who advocated intuition over reason (1744-1803)

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And Joao's singing is a reminder of just how unimaginative and hidebound within specific musical styles most vocalists are - she can sound like an operatic soprano, a cool bossa novan, an African herdboy, a scatting jazz singer, a fado blueswoman, a wailing muezzin.
Sino-Japanese tradition presents the Milky Way as the River of Heaven, which separates the Herdboy and Weaver Maid, who can only cross it to meet once a year.
Above in the air it smelt pleasantly; above in the air the sun was shining in all its glory and was hanging over the earth in mercy and love; the very herdboys were rejoicing; they had stuffed into their bags the remnants of the feast.
22) Incidentally, hlobonga was traditionally the preferred method used by men who had sex with men (MSM); many of the mineworkers took male 'wives' during their time away from home, and hlobonga was frequently used for sexual experimentation between young herdboys.
I grew so much into the quiet love of nature's preserves that I was never easy but when I was in the fields passing my sabbaths and leisure with the shepherds & herdboys as fancys prompted sometimes playing at marbles on the smooth-beaten sheeptracks or leapfrog among the thymy molehills sometimes running among the corn to get the red & blue flowers for cockades to play at soldiers or running into the woods to hunt strawberries or stealing peas in churchtime when the owners were safe to boil at the gypseys fire who went half-shares at our stolen luxury we heard the bells chime but the field was our church