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When the riverain elite re-emerged victorious it did so in alliance with the invading army of Herbert Kitchener as the fifth column of the Anglo-Egyptian re-conquest.
They are: Pilot Officer Kenneth Brian Willson (20), Pilot Officer Leslie Charles Froud (21), Flight Pilot Alexander Seaton Lorimer (33), Sergeant Douglas Arthur Harsum, Sergeant Herbert Kitchener Bromage ( 27) and Sergeant Stanley Brimer ( 23) In particular, they would like information on Sergeant Herbert Kitchener Bromage, born approximatly 1915, son of Reuben William and Alice Jane Bromage, of Selly Park, Birmingham, and husband of Edith Bromage.
Twelve years later it was British commander Herbert Kitchener who struck back.
By the time of the Battle of the Maine, the British thoroughly distrusted the French, and it took an intervention by the secretary of war, Lord Herbert Kitchener, to get the B EF to fight in the Battle of the Maine.
As `Sirdar' or commander-in-chief of the Anglo-Egyptian army, Major-General Herbert Kitchener, an engineer and veteran of the Indian army, had spent over two years training his troops and building up extensive railway and steamship supply lines with a view to attacking the Mahdist state to the south.
The Mahdists were still in control of the Sudan, and in 1896 the British sent a punitive expedition south from Egypt under Horatio Herbert Kitchener (1850-1916).
On March 20, 1915, Sam Hughes informed the British through Herbert Kitchener, British Secretary of War, "I propose appointing Major-General Sam Steele to command Second Canadian Overseas Division.
1916 Earl Horatio Herbert Kitchener, British Field Marshal and Secretary of State for War, of 'Your Country Needs You' fame.