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(classical mythology) a hero noted for his strength

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Certainly, the much-maligned instances of Heraclean gluttony, when they appear, are thoroughly implicated in the kinds of conceptual humor that Aristophanes professes to prefer.
All in all, Sophocles at the same time appreciates Heraclean courage and eulogizes those willing to committing themselves to the society at the cost of personal interest.
But, as an uninvited guest, Sally would be the more likely Heraclean figure.
Sardinian honey (bitter, because bees fed on wormwood shrubs) and Heraclean honey from Pontus were good for sunburn and bruises; the latter taken orally, could cause severe perspiration.
It is no accident that his odyssey begins from Delphi--and, in a deeper sense, from the repetition (through the dream sent by Zeus) of the opportunity to encounter the sacred that he effectively avoids at Delphi--for Delphi is the origin of Socrates' own Heraclean philosophical labors or wander ings (cf.