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Synonyms for alkane

a series of non-aromatic saturated hydrocarbons with the general formula CnH(2n+2)

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The olfactory sensitivity of male butterflies to 3 chemical standards, namely, tricosane, pentacosane, and heptacosane from Dr.
rapae to heptacosane was significantly higher than to tricosane and penta cosane (F = 4.
4) (Table 4): 1) Heneicosane (C21), 2) Linoleic acid (possible contaminat), 3) Docosane (C22), 4) Tricosane (C23), 5) Tetracosane (C24), 6) Pentacosane (C25), C) phthalate 7) Hexacosane (C26), 8) Heptacosane (C27), 9) Octacosane (C28), 10) Nonacosane (C29), 11) Triacontane (C30) and 12) Hentriacontane (C31) and Dotriacontane (C32).
The host compounds were ethyl-1-hexanol (>99%), heptacosane (>95%), (+)-3-carene (>90%), hentriacontane (>95%), cis-3-hexenyl acetate (>97%), acetophenone (>98.
castaneum showed significant preferences for ethyl-1-hexanol and heptacosane.