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Synonyms for hen

adult female bird

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flesh of an older chicken suitable for stewing

female of certain aquatic animals e

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"How is my grammar?" asked the yellow hen, anxiously.
"I'm glad to know that," continued the yellow hen, in a confidential tone; "because, if one is going to talk, it's best to talk correctly.
"You may have my egg," said the yellow hen. "I don't care for it, you know."
"Don't mention it, my dear," answered the hen, calmly, and began preening her feathers.
"It's a habit I have," replied the yellow hen. "It has always been my pride to lay a fresh egg every morning, except when I'm moulting.
"You ought to be very proud, ma'am," said Uncle Henry, who was astonished to hear a hen talk so sensibly.
They followed the Yellow Hen into the house, which Aunt Em declared was neat as a pin.
He saw a small wooden hut, made his way to it, and crept inside--"I am afraid it IS a hen house, but what can I do?" said Pigling Bland, wet and cold and quite tired out.
"Bacon and eggs, bacon and eggs!" clucked a hen on a perch.
jiggetty jig!" clucked a broody white hen roosting next to him.
He grabbed the white hen roosting next to the cock; then his eye fell upon Pigling Bland, squeezed up in a corner.
Dorothy sat right down in the road, the yellow hen in her arms, and began to stroke Billina's back.
Just then Toto, who had been growling to himself in a cross way, gave a sharp bark and flew at the yellow hen, who ruffled her feathers and let out such an angry screech that Dorothy was startled.
"Can't you see that Billina is my friend?" In spite of this warning had she not grabbed Toto quickly by the neck the little dog would have done the yellow hen a mischief, and even now he struggled madly to escape Dorothy's grasp.
"But I've such wonderful news for you, Dorothy," cried the yellow hen; "I've--"