Henri Clemens van de Velde

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Belgian architect (1863-1957)

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Here, too, is an early landscape by Henry van de Velde and a woodcut by Nele.
ranking one art above the others," wrote artist Henry van de Velde in 1895, articulating a doctrine of art nouveau: art should affect the lives of all people, should enter their homes and influence their furnishings, uniting beauty and utility (2).
To buttress her idea of the perfect museum, she also invokes Henry van de Velde and Donald Judd.
In painting, the works of Klimt and the Belgian Henry van de Velde (1863 - 1957) are exemplary, but numerous other artists were caught up in the movement.
The topics include sexology and literature: on the uses and abuses of fiction; hospitable reading: an approach to life writings of gender and sexual "deviant," inverted acts, perverted identities, and criminal desire in Germany 1864-1914; Adolf Loos, Henry van de Velde, ornament, and crime; normativity and deviance in Richard von Krafft-Ebing's Psychopathia sexualis; and sexuality, forensic psychiatry, and their patients in 20th-century Britain.