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United States jazz singer noted for her complex bebop phrasing and scat singing (1924-1990)

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The best-known English poets in this collection are Abraham Cowley, Richard Lovelace, Henry Vaughan, Isaac Watts, Robert Burns, and Samuel Taylor Coleridge.
With Professor Ellrodt's gracious permission, we reproduce Eliot's letter, followed by the imitations of John Donne, George Herbert, Henry Vaughan, John Milton, a Cavalier poet writing in a "metaphysical vein," and Andrew Marvell.
Horace Robedaux Bill Heck Elizabeth Robedaux Maggie Lacey Mary Vaughan Hallie Foote Henry Vaughan James DeMarse Corella Davenport Annalee Jefferies
13) In fact, Philips's poetry has more in common with her Anglo-Welsh Royalist male counterpart, Henry Vaughan, with whom she exchanged poems and had some intermittent contact.
The author spins his wheels on the obvious omitting details that might bring this novel to life: "After spending a fortnight together in London Henry Vaughan sent his new bride to his home at Newton to live with her father and mother until the war ended.
McColley draws upon poetry by Henry Vaughan, George Herbert, Anne Finch, Abraham Cowley, and Michael Drayton (among others) to suggest that this politically diverse range of writers registers a collective resistance to modes of thought that conceive of the earth as dead, or at least non-divine, matter.
The fourth section examines the role of alchemy in the thought of particular English authors: Yaakov Mascetti and Alan Rudrum discuss, respectively, George Herbert and Henry Vaughan, while the collection's editor, Stanton J.
Andrew Marvell ("The Garden" is another touchstone); and Henry Vaughan, Silurist, particularly "The World" ("I SAW Eternity the other night, / Like a great ring of pure and endless light, / All calm, as it was bright ; / And round beneath it, Time in hours, days, years / Driv'n by the spheres").
Los principales autores serian John Milton, Richard Lovelace, Henry Vaughan, John Dryden, y Alexander Pope.
He is classed as one of the major 17th century religious poets, influencing later writers such as Henry Vaughan.
Eliot, Henry Vaughan, Dickens and Robert Frost, focusing on what Eliot's poetry "did" and "does", rather than on what it "is" or "says" (p.
This book looks at the poetry of John Donne, George Herbert, Richard Crashaw, Henry Vaughan, Andrew Marvell and Thomas Traherne.
As against these, some of the most challenging passages in each part are those on Henry Vaughan, who does not readily lend himself to discussions of doctrine in the same way as do Donne or Herbert.
The usual suspects are here--John Donne, George Herbert, Henry Vaughan, Edward Taylor.
Hutchinson, Henry Vaughan: A Life and Interpretation (Oxford, 1947), 181-94; Stevie Davies, Henry Vaughan (Mid Glamorgan, Wales, 1995), 12 13, 172, 180, 187-90.