Henry Steinway

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United States piano maker (born in Germany) who founded a famous piano manufacturing firm in New York (1797-1871)

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With the passing of Henry Steinway, the world has lost a legend and the last member of the Steinway family to run this highly respected piano manufacturing company," says MTNA President Gail Berenson, NCTM.
These intimate details of William Steinway's life initially made the family reluctant to allow the diaries to become public, Henry Steinway said.
He was very different from Rubinstein," Henry Steinway says.
Henry Steinway says the collection began around the turn of the century.
Henry Steinway and his sons developed the modern piano, patenting some of the most significant technologies in the piano-making industry.
In 2007, Henry Steinway will mark 70 years of service to Steinway & Sons.
Over 300 VIP's in art, music, fashion, and travel flocked to NYC's Buckingham Hotel for the installation of portraits by celebrated artist, Arbit Blatas, at which his wife, opera singer Regina Resnik, Henry Steinway, and Stephanie Abrams, travel expert and host of the nationally syndicated radio show, "Travel With Stephanie Abrams
According to his instructions, Abrams introduced him, saying:"This is Henry Steinway who lives next door
Previous winners include Remo Belli, Karl Bruhn, Sid Davis, Jerome Hershman, Jimmy Johnson, Larry Linkin, Jack Maher, Henry Steinway and Terry Lewis.
Previous winners of the Henry Grossman Honorary Lifetime Director Award have included Remo Belli, Karl Bruhn, Sid Davis, Jerome Hershman, Jimmy Johnson, Larry Linkin, Jack Maher, Ted McCarty, Vito Pascucci, Lowell Samuel, Henry Steinway and Terry Lewis.