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Welsh journalist and explorer who led an expedition to Africa in search of David Livingstone and found him in Tanzania in 1871

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Henry Morton Stanley Emperor Hirohito George Bush Snr Louise Woodward
Nine years later, the former Welsh orphan, after having changed his name to Henry Morton Stanley, gained worldwide recognition as Africa's greatest explorer, uttering the words "Dr.
EXPLORER Henry Morton Stanley was so determined to find Dr Livingstone he vowed not even death would get in his way - according to a new book.
Among the topics are the African Association, Antarctica, the voyage of the Beagle, Gertrude Bell, James Cook, Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Charles Darwin, the Explorers Club, the Gobi Desert, Thor Heyerdahl, the International Geophysical Year, the Leakey family, the Lewis and Clark Expedition, David Livingstone and Henry Morton Stanley, Alexander Mackenzie, maps and mapmaking, the history of oceanography, Powell Expeditions, Russian exploration, Society of Women Geographers, and manned and unmanned space exploration.
British explorer and newspaper reporter Henry Morton Stanley (p.
WITH reference to Tim Jeal's book on the impossible life of Henry Morton Stanley, the explorer (Viewpoints, August 5), is he able to shed some light on the curious coincidence of twoWelshmen of the same age in America at the same time adopting the name of HenryMorton Stanley?
The history of the Berlin Conference cannot be told without its four main principal characters and features: King Leopold II of Belgium, the British explorer Henry Morton Stanley, the Congo River, and the territory that finally became the two Congos--Congo-Brazzaville and DRCongo.
Who did Henry Morton Stanley famously meet in the town of Ujiji?
STANLEY: The Impossible Life of Africa's Greatest Explorer | TIM JEAL: Henry Morton Stanley may have collaborated with King Leopold II of Belgium, but this examination of his life reveals his other sides--his immigration to America and his assimilation there, his romances, and his amazing African travels.
1871 Henry Morton Stanley discovered missing explorer David Livingstone.
His exact whereabouts were a mystery, and journalist Sir Henry Morton Stanley was commissioned by the New York Herald to find him.
Victorian explorers, including Sir Henry Morton Stanley, concluded that Lake Victoria was the source of the Nile.
While France, England, the Netherlands and other nations secured footholds in mostly coastal African lands, the Congo remained mostly off-limits to outsiders until explorer Henry Morton Stanley forged a route through the enormous central African country--three times the size of Texas.
The 59-year-old veteran guitarist bought a 50 per cent stake in Cordings, which kitted out Sir Henry Morton Stanley for his journey to find Dr Livingstone.
David Livingston, a British missionary, in his quest to find the source of the Nile, and the brash journalist, Henry Morton Stanley, commissioned to find him.