Henry Louis Mencken

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United States journalist and literary critic (1880-1956)

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HENRY LOUIS MENCKEN (1880-1956), the Sage of Baltimore (a town not notably long on sages), was the most vivid literary journalist of the 20th century, and perhaps the most enduring, in part because such writing generally lasts about as long as a hatch of mayflies.
William "Boss" Tweed took control of the New York press; William Randolph Hearst and his New York Journal "furnished the [Spanish-American] War"; and Henry Louis Mencken described the final battle of the Russian-Japanese war in "throbbing detail" two weeks before the actual conflict took place.
Henry Louis Mencken was a libertarian before that term came into use.
Throughout his long career, Henry Louis Mencken (1880-1956) was among the most popular and influential of writers.
Born in Victorian America to bourgeois parents in Baltimore, Henry Louis Mencken and journalism met cute when a Baltimore No.