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leader of the American Revolution and president of the Continental Congress (1724-1792)


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Possibilities include: John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, John Jay, Richard Oswald, David Hartley, Henry Laurens, Thomas Mifflin, and Colonel Josiah Harmar.
El dossier de esta ultima entrega esta conformado por la introduccion al Informe de la Comision de la Verdad y Reconciliacion de Sudafrica, escrita por el arzobispo anglicano y premio Nobel de la Paz Desmond Mpilo Tutu, por ensayos de Guillermo Guajardo y Henry Laurens sobre los casos de Chile y Palestina, y por un sugerente articulo de Jose Antonio Crespo, titulado "Mexico necesita su glasnost historica".
The son of the wealthy South Carolina merchant and plantation owner, Henry Laurens and his wife Eleanor Ball, John was educated in Geneva and studied law at the Inns of Court in London.
Henry Laurens owned some three hundred slaves and John urged him to release them so he could form a black regiment from their ranks.
See Henry Laurens, L 'Invention de la Terre sainte, 1799-1922 (Paris: Fayard, 1999).
Although she surveyed many documents, much of her analysis seems to rest on the writings of a handful of people--David Ramsay, Henry Laurens, Charles Pinckney, Ralph Izard.
Europe and the Islamic World: A History, by John Tolan, Gilles Veinstein, and Henry Laurens.
roundtable discussion titled "Samir Kassir: a visionary of the Arab Spring," along with Henry Laurens, Jean-Pierre Filiu, Delphine Minoui and Ziad Majed and moderated by Christophe Ayad, as part of the 18th French book fair in BIEL, Espace Agora.
The report specifically identifies Henry Laurens, a planter and political leader, who ran the largest slave-trading house in North America in the 1750s.
The man who sold Priscilla into slavery in South Carolina, Henry Laurens, was a Southern merchant who later became president of the Continental Congress and was one of the four U.
See Henry Laurens, "Les aleas de l'hegemonie americane au Proche Orient", Le Monde Diplomatique, July 1991, p.
Greater use of the Papers of Henry Laurens, (Laurens accompanied Grant on the second expedition and later coached him on indigo planting in Florida) would have provided additional material on the economics of plantation management in the Lower South.
32-33) does not indicate Gadsden's central role in it nor the interpersonal dimension of his disagreement with Henry Laurens, once Gadsden's close friend.
With Philadelphia in British hands, twenty-four-year-old John Laurens endured the winter months with the Continental Army at Valley Forge, serving as an aide-de-camp to General Washington, while his fifty-four-year-old father, Henry Laurens, presided over a much reduced Continental Congress at York, Pennsylvania, in spite of a painful attack of gout and living arrangements that he ranked somewhat below those of his plantation overseers (see pp.
The days lengthen," Henry Laurens wrote South Carolina President Rawlings Lowndes from York on May 1.