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king of France from 1589 to 1610

the first Lancastrian king of England from 1399 to 1413

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Above all, this book usefully addresses the familiar but still problematic issue of Shakespeare the re-maker of old plays (for example, Woodstock as a source for Richard H and The Famous Victories of Henry the Fifth for Henry IV and Henry V), by focusing attention upon the ways in which concepts of policy and honour, particularly relating to King Edward III's Order of the Garter, are woven through the dramatic action of these rewritten dramas.
Internal evidence, however, demonstrates that Hemingway himself was well-acquainted with 2 Henry IV and, as I shall propose, equally familiar with its predecessor in Shakespeare's Lancastrian tetralogy, 1 Henry IV.
His father discovers a document linking him to a plot to assassinate King Henry IV.
The league, which was subsidized by Philip II of Spain, was defeated by Henry IV of France at Arques and Ivry and lost its influence after his conversion to Catholicism.
Captured in 2010 from the prestigious and internationally renowned Globe Theatre in London-- Shakespeare's theatrical London home - the series will kick off in June with The Merry Wives of Windsor followed by Henry IV Part 1 , Henry IV Part 2 in August and closing in September with Henry VIII .
HOW MUCH: PS10 for adults, PS5 for under-18s and free for Wasps 2015/16 season ticket holders Henry IV WHERE: Shakespeare Centre, Henley Street, Stratford-upon-Avon WHEN: Tomorrow WHAT: The Festival Players Theatre Company bring two new productions to the beautiful gardens of Halls Croft this year as part of its 30th year of touring in the UK and Europe.
1413: Henry IV, also known as Henry of Bolingbroke, died aged 45 after suffering a stroke at Westminster Abbey.
Henry IV Part I, RSC, Newcastle Theatre Royal THIS rumbustious history play opens with vivid snapshots of two contrasting worlds.
The Royal Shakespeare Company has brought Henry IV Parts One and Two to the Theatre T Royal in Newcastle and I assure you they are anything but dusty.
He will attend the Royal Shakespeare eatre and attend a performance of Henry IV Part One by the Royal Shakespeare Company and attend a separate short performance of Henry IV by local students.
Henry IV Parts I and II Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon ?
Of which French dynasty was Henry IV the first king?
But this is January, 2012, and the scene being filmed is the climax of Shakespeare's Henry IV Part I, where the future Henry V, young Prince Hal, will defeat rebel leader Hotspur, ultimately taking his place in history.
1) That Falstaff was originally named Sir John Oldcastle and that Shakespeare changed the name of Oldcastle to Falstaff in 1 Henry IV and 2 Henry IV and the name of Brooke to Broome in The Merry Wives of Windsor, leaving behind a trail of ruined puns, fractured metre, and missed speech prefixes, has been well and ably documented.
Hardy is an expert on the longbow which played a key part at Shrewsbury, where the forces of Henry IV faced a rebel challenge from the army of Sir Henry Percy, known as Harry Hotspur.