Henry Hudson

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English navigator who discovered the Hudson River


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An instrumental pioneer in establishing this park 24 years ago, there is no better tribute to his service than renaming the Denny Farrell Riverbank State Park, and the pedestrian bridge over the Henry Hudson Parkway, in his honor.
Students at Henry Hudson Regional School in Highlands, New Jersey, discover the math they learn in class has practical--and sometimes even fun--applications in the real world.
com)-- New Word City llc announces the publication of Looking for Henry Hudson, the second in a series of digital shorts by award-winning author Lawrence Millman.
5 kilometer swim in the Hudson River, 40 kilometer bike on the Henry Hudson Parkway and 10 kilometer run in Central Park.
Most judges dismissed lawsuits challenging the law's individual mandate to buy health insurance, but Eastern District of Virginia Judge Henry Hudson struck down the mandate.
In 2005, Castle Village's 70-foot-high retaining wall above the river and the Henry Hudson Parkway collapsed, causing significant damage.
A federal judge in Virginia, Henry Hudson, struck down the individual mandate provision of PPACA as unconstitutional last December.
In December, judge Henry Hudson struck down the mandate in Commonwealth of Virginia v.
Republicans thought Christmas had come early when federal judge Henry Hudson struck down Obamacare's individual health-insurance mandate, ruling that it did not meet the constitutional test for regulating interstate commerce.
Rightist media scarcely mentioned those decisions at the time they occurred but now are praising to the heavens the decision by Virginia District Court Judge Henry Hudson.
Clarke recalled that he had also visited a gold foundry where he met a timid man in charge of a glittering fortune, the model for his Henry Hudson character.
Weaver's tale is built around English explorer Henry Hudson and his four major sea voyages from 1607 to 1611.
Washington (EFE) -- El juez federal en Virginia, Henry Hudson, declaro inconstitucional parte del contenido de la ley de reforma del sistema de sanidad, la que obliga a los ciudadanos a adquirir un seguro de salud.
District Judge Henry Hudson of Virginia ruled that the mandate cannot be justified under the Commerce Clause of the U.
It's a detailed, even-handed, utterly compelling history of the fur trade from the days of Henry Hudson to the end of the 19th century.