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English novelist and dramatist (1707-1754)


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Synopsis: The works of Henry Fielding, though written nearly three hundred years ago, retain their sense of comedy and innovation in the face of tradition, and they easily engage the twenty-first-century student with many aspects of eighteenth-century life: travel, inns, masquerades, political and religious factions, the '45, prisons and the legal system, gender ideals and realities, social class.
6) Henry Fielding, The Covent-Garden Journal and A Plan of the Universal Register-Office, ed.
A few years ago, an excellent but short-lived dramatic series called City of Vice appeared on Britain's Channel Four Television, focused upon the creation and work of the "Bow Street Runners," the crime squad created in 1750 by the playwright, novelist, and Westminster magistrate Henry Fielding and carried on after his death by his blind half-brother, Sir John Fielding.
Quiz of the Day ANSWERS: 1 Germany; 2 Tom Brown's Schooldays; 3 Garam masala; 4 Coral limestone; 5 A type of fungus; 6 John Christie; 7 Notting Hill; 8 Edward VII; 9 Decade; 10 Henry Fielding.
While most entries tend to be on the short side, certain writers get separate chapters: Henry Fielding, Paul Bowles, Claude Levi-Strauss, Evelyn Waugh, and Samuel Johnson.
In Tom Jones--a novel whose links to libertinism Tiffany Potter explored in Honest Sins: Georgian Libertinism and the Plays and Novels of Henry Fielding (1999)--the heroine is mistaken for Bonnie Prince Charlie's mistress, Jennie Cameron.
INDEPENDENCE DAY IN CROATIA 1754: Henry Fielding died, aged 47.
Jonny Owen, currently in Swansea filming Hunky Dory with Oscar nominee Minnie Driver, played Henry Fielding in A Bit of Tom Jones.
The kind of stuff being offered up by the likes of John Gay and Henry Fielding would make your hair curl.
1754: Henry Fielding, British novelist whose works include the History of Tom Jones.
The intricately composed and choreographed works have attracted young fans of experimental theatre, new-music devotees and critics and scholars who are eager to see seldom-staged texts by the likes of Witkiewicz, Henry Fielding and now Chikamatsu (in Donald Keene's translation, highly modified).
Y a estas dos novelas hay que anadir el texto objeto de esta resena, la obra de teatro Don Quijote en Inglaterra de Henry Fielding, cuya pulcra edicion y traduccion debemos a Antonio Ballesteros Gonzalez, de nuevo una obra menor pero que, escrita por el que fue calificado como el Cervantes ingles, es fundamental para entender la evolucion tanto del propio Fielding como de la recepcion de Cervantes en el Reino Unido.
The problem begins with Miller's chosen definition of conversation, which is limited to talk without a clear immediate purpose, such as information gathering or financial gain--"that reciprocal interchange of Ideas, by which the Truth is examined," as Henry Fielding put it.
Elizabeth Jenkins (1905- ) became a distinguished biographer (see D3 182, n1), publishing studies of Lady Caroline Lamb (1932), Jane Austen (1938), Henry Fielding (1947), and Elizabeth the Great (1958), among others.