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king of France from 1547 to 1559

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first Plantagenet King of England

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A quite different type of witch-hunting occurred slightly later in Lortaine's histoty with a series of politically motivated exorcisms of court figures and secret witch-trials in the later years of the reign of Charles III, Henri II, and Charles IV.
Mae'n debyg mai Catherine de Medicis, gwraig Henri II, brenin Ffrainc ddechreuodd y peth nol yn y 1550au.
Appearing when it did, however, and perhaps with the printer's assumption that the news from France could not hurt sales, the Historie could not be read without the knowledge of recent events, ones that could support Dowriche's view of Providence at work in variously punishing French persecutors of Huguenots and sometimes doing so with a sense of irony, as witness the morally blind Henri II dying from a splinter in his eye (sigs F1v-F2).
In 1557 when Mary Tudor was queen, her husband Philip of Spain involved England in war with Henri II of France.
Alas, she is known less for her achievements and more for her traditional womanly/familial roles as daughter of King Henri II, sister of three kings, and wife of a fourth (Henri IV).
Blois's tour guide took it more or less for granted that Catherine had murdered her brother-in-law, paving the way for her husband Henri II to become King.
There was for example nothing anachronistic about using the term "kingdom" to refer to France in either Henri II or Lafayette's day--indeed, the word was a staple of legal discourse and official royal proclamations through the eighteenth century.
Using as its centerpieces the Antiquitez's dedicatory poem to King Henri II, the opening sonnet addressed to the Divine Spirits of ancient Rome, and Sonnet 5's imitation of Petrarch's famous "Chi vuol veder" (RVF 248), the essay articulates the subject position of the DuBellay's lyric speaker through his thematic and rhetorical reformulations of the classic Petrarchan inaccessibility crisis within the realms of cultural anachronism and loss.
Now orphaned, with only a tattered genealogical chart proving her family's direct descent from Henri II Jeanne plots to reclaim her rightful place at the Court of Versailles.
MARY, Queen of Scots, landed here in 1548 on her way to Paris to be engaged to the son and heir of Henri II of France.
It was one of the exotics that Florentine princess Catherine de Medici took with her to France when she crossed the Alps in the mid-1500s to marry Dauphin Henri II.
These critiques focused specifically on the roman's representation of clandestine marriages (Rothstein is particularly lucid in her description of the scandal caused by the union of Francois de Montmorency and Diane, the daughter of Henri II, after Montmorency had clandestinely married another woman), and major changes in warfare techniques after the outbreak of the guerres de religion.
She was crowned at a week old and in 1547, the infant queen was offered in marriage to the Dauphin - the eldest son of Henri II of France.
Did you know Nostradamus predicted this event in one of his letters to Henri II of France, in the 16th Century?