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the capital and largest city of Finland

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In addition, Finnair will increase its capacity on the London route by uprating the 16:00 flight between Helsinki and London, as well as the 18:10 flight from London to Helsinki, with an Airbus A330 wide-body aircraft.
The best-known landmark is Senate Square and its surroundings, which make up the oldest part of central Helsinki. You can take in the glorious architecture of Helsinki Cathedral, while also viewing the Government Palace, the main building of Helsinki University, and Sederholm House, Helsinki's oldest building, dating back to 1757.
"The Helsinki Final Act was adopted on August 1, 1975, at the Conference for Security and Cooperation in Europe (CSCE).
However, the Helsinki Accords also committed the signatories to respect "human rights and fundamental freedoms" -- a major step for the Soviet bloc.
As per a report that appeared on Travel Daily Asia, the two parties last week launched the WeChat Helsinki mini program, as part of the city's Chinese New Year celebrations, which would offer Helsinki travel information in Chinese to almost one billion WeChat users.
Finnair is also growing its capacity to several Lapland airports from Helsinki, including extra flights to Rovaniemi and Kuusamo between January and March.
According to Lemminkainen, there are certain aspects, where the conclusions of the Helsinki Court of Appeal differ from previous case law or where there is no established case law.
Helsinki welcomed the first Qatar Airways flight from Doha on Monday.
Pohjois-Karjalan kalevalaisen perinteen juuret, Helsinki (TL 108).
The Finnish tourist information centre Visit Finland has launched a campaign in North Asia to offset the significant decrease in Russian visitors with the aim of inducing Asian tourists to stay in the country for a few hours or days when passing through Helsinki.
At the time of their signing, the Helsinki Accords met with quite a bit of skepticism among Western politicians about their likely effect on Soviet behavior.
Summary: Finnair and Finavia are highlighting the benefits of Helsinki Airport
Helsinki, located on the Baltic Sea coast, is Finland's capital city.
HELSINKI is the capital of Finland and offers a relaxed and laid-back vibe, the ideal place for chilling out for a few hours.
Helsinki, the capital of Finland, is now filled with design.
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