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the capital and largest city of Finland

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71) CZEKANOWSKI, Jan: Anthropologische Beitrage zum Problem der slawisch-finnischen Beziehungen, Helsingfors, 1925, pp.
Helsingfors, as it was called in both Swedish and Russian, continued to grow and flourish as a trilingual city.
In 1849 Tolstoy wrote to his brother in a letter from St Petersburg that he was planning to visit Helsingfors (PSS 59: 28-30).
I agree to grant national rights, in accordance with the Helsingfors program, and we will never act in contradiction of the principle of equal rights, and we will never try to push someone out of our Land.
Comptes rendus des seances de la conference geodesique reunie a Helsingfors du 28 juin au 2 juillet 1924.
Ethnographical collection from the Kiwai District of British New Guinea in the National Museum of Finland, Helsingfors (Helsinki): a descriptive survey of the material culture of the Kiwai people.
Moreover, unlike other Jewish parties, including the Russian Zionists at the Helsingfors Conference of December 1906 and the SERP (Jewish Socialist Workers' Party), whose demands for autonomy were broader and extended into the political and administrative spheres, the Bund limited its autonomist demands for the Jews and other nationalities to the area of culture, leaving all other matters to fall under the jurisdiction of the common, democratically elected political authorities of the multinational state.
IBI holds a strong position in the Nordic market, where the company has offices in Stockholm, Oslo and Helsingfors, the company said.
Even the capital is Helsinki in Finnish, but Helsingfors in Swedish.
The company would fly from Stockholm to Gothenburg, Malmo and Helsingfors.
Drakarna over Helsingfors (1996), a family saga, was made into a film by the same name, and Vadan att vara Skrake (2000) was likewise well received both in the original Swedish edition and in the Finnish translation.
Stockholm: Academilitteratur--Marknadstekniskt Centrum--Svenska handelshogskolan Helsingfors.
In 1906 he participated in the Russian Zionist Congress, which produced the famous Helsingfors Program that called for the autonomy of all Jews, both those living in Diaspora and those already in Palestine.
In 1915, another British observer could describe this duality in the capital as follows: "Society in Helsingfors falls into two main grooves--the Swedish-speaking people and the Finnish-speaking people.