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(Middle Ages) a person who is bound to the land and owned by the feudal lord

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Helots made up the population of Messenia, the region Sparta conquered and enslaved into working the land on Sparta's behalf.
Thucydides comments that the Spartans feared the Athenians would back the helots instead, adding, "It was because of this expedition that the Spartans and Athenians first came to an open quarrel.
Will the Malayan Chinese be given a place in the Malayan sun or will they be relegated to the position of helots or pariahs without rights and responsibilities?
What rank in society did the helots in ancient Sparta hold?
3) and in defence of freedom, the Krypteia are hunting unarmed Helots to enforce a slave economy.
The queen thinks about it, as if she's being asked to take on some afternoon work tutoring helots.
L Polak, The Indians of South Africa: Helots within the Empire and How They are Treated (Madras: G.
In his principal economic treatise, Ueber das dermalige Missverhaltnis der Vermogenslosen oder Proletairs zu den Vermogen besitzenden Klassen der Sozietat, von Baader criticized capitalism as reducing the condition of the workers to a slavery worse than that of the helots of ancient Greece.
It addresses issues analyzed in his previous publications; such as the concepts of diaspora, the helots labor regime, and identities.
And the key word here is citizens: of course, the Palestinians in the occupied territories are not citizens, but helots, with no rights, and no protection from fanatical Jewish fundamentalists who have launched hundreds of attacks on their homes, and sought to displace them at every opportunity, with the active complicity of the Israeli government.
It was almost certainly one of those helots who took the video of his talk.
When she added her unique voice to the anti-lynching crusade, for example, she declared, "Never since the days of the Spartan Helots has [sic] history recorded such brutality as has been ever since the war and as is now being perpetrated upon the Negro in the South.
They control the leadership of both major parties; they own the "mainstream" media; and their "left" wing has a compliant and activist mass base in the burgeoning government bureaucracy, the labor unions, academia, and their helots in the underclass.
The Malays, by virtue of superior civilisation, became the rulers of the land, as in other parts of the coast of Borneo, and the Dayaks, in so far as they came within their reach, their Helots.