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(Middle Ages) a person who is bound to the land and owned by the feudal lord

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When Abi's pure, soulful performance wins applause not only from the audience of onscreen avatars representing the helots in their cubicles, but also from the judges, Bing rejoices.
Helots made up the population of Messenia, the region Sparta conquered and enslaved into working the land on Sparta's behalf.
For it was the serfdom of the Messenians, predicated on Lacedaemon's earlier treatment of the Helots, which advanced a Spartiate class that constantly prepared for war.
Summary: Writers, thinkers and of course journalists remain the helots of our region and the adage that the pen is mightier than the sword has yet to reach our shores, while persecution of journalists in the Arab world can vary from a beating on the street to a jail term or outright execution, and punishment for words that anger the authorities, a sect or tribe is destined to take writers and those behind them into the unknown.
Will the Malayan Chinese be given a place in the Malayan sun or will they be relegated to the position of helots or pariahs without rights and responsibilities?
Rural populations could survive as dirt-digging helots; but the capitals had to go.
What rank in society did the helots in ancient Sparta hold?
But while Miller's heroes march against an impossible enemy for 'honor' and 'glory' (1.3) and in defence of freedom, the Krypteia are hunting unarmed Helots to enforce a slave economy.
The queen thinks about it, as if she's being asked to take on some afternoon work tutoring helots. "For the sake of peace -- I would!" she replies.
Polak, for example, likened Indians in South Africa to "helots within the Empire," quoted imperial statesmen to the effect that "British citizens, whatever their colour, should be treated as such," and called on Indians in India to mobilize against "differential legislation," while swerving around the subjugation of Africans in South Africa, he was simultaneously drawing and erasing possible connections.
In his principal economic treatise, Ueber das dermalige Missverhaltnis der Vermogenslosen oder Proletairs zu den Vermogen besitzenden Klassen der Sozietat, von Baader criticized capitalism as reducing the condition of the workers to a slavery worse than that of the helots of ancient Greece.
The New Helots: Migrants in the International Division of Labour.
Cohen, Robin 1987 The New Helots: Migrants in the International Division of Labour.