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Rare occurrence of helophyte plant seeds in both studied lakes may be related to their propagation peculiarities.
In the current study the number of hydrophyte and helophyte plant macroremains in both lakes decreased below 2.
In this study, we divided the macrophytes into three groups: helophytes, floating-leaved, and submerged plants.
Among helophytes, seeds of Carex, distributed at sampling points JM3 (D 2.
The distribution of the helophytes is more sporadical; only Carex seeds were abundant (Fig.
For some helophytes such as Acorus calamus and Phragmites australis the annual seed production depends on climatic conditions.
The DAFOR (dominant (5), abundant (4), frequent (3), occasional (2), rare (1)) scores for the main helophytes and submerged and floating-leaved plants recorded in the modern vegetation (M) and their representation by macrofossils (+) in surface sediments (F) of L.
The boundary between hydrophyte and helophyte sub-wetlands, where the best coincidence with 0.
The most negative influence on the protected waterfowl will be the reduction of the open water area (nourishment zone) as well as of the helophyte and open grass sub-wetlands (breeding zone), assuming that the lake level and the groundwater level of the riparian zone will decrease by 10 cm.
9 ha mostly overgrown with helophytes and hydrophytes.
Discerning the differences between the boundaries of the territories covered with hydrophytes and helophytes was the most difficult problem.
Hydrophytes have colonized 36% and helophytes 23% of it.
Comparative analysis of the riparian zone of the lake (overgrown with scrubs and grassy vegetation) and the groundwater level in this zone showed that grassy vegetation with predominance of terrestrial helophytes occurred mainly on the territories where groundwater depth varied from the lake shoreline to 0.