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The Gila monster and its allies: the relationships, habits, and behavior of the lizards of the family Helodermatidae.
The last scanty families Helodermatidae and Lanthanotidae show a quite uniform, likely primitive, supraocular lepidosis, with roundish scales, evident supraciliaries but indistinct circumorbital semicircles.
This represents the first coccidian to be described from a member of the family Helodermatidae.
This represents the first report of a coccidian from any member of the family Helodermatidae.
Many modern families and genera of anurans make their first appearance in North America during the Miocene, including Bufo, Rana, Pelobatidae, and Hylidae, Many families of lizards occur, including Iguanidae (sensu lato), Scincidae, Teiidae, Anguidne, Helodermatidae, Xantusiidae, and Rhineuridae.