parasitic worm

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worm that is parasitic on the intestines of vertebrates especially roundworms and tapeworms and flukes

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11] The prevalence of helminth infection was computed, classified based on helminth parasites and densities, type of infection (single or mixed), and sex and age of study population.
Low risk for helminth infection in wastewater-fed rice cultivation in Vietnam.
Guidelines for overseas presumptive treatment of strongyloidiasis, schistosomiasis, and soil-transmitted helminth infections.
Helminth infection can contribute to anemia, slow growth and low birth weight, but not often; and infection can be easily treated with an anti-helminthic.
Prevalence, intensity and risk factors for soil-transmitted helminth infection in a South Indian fishing village.
Alternatively, mass treatment of all high-risk populations in regions of the country with a high prevalence of helminth infection, using the preventive chemotherapy approach recommended by the World Health Organization, [] could be adopted.
The mixed helminth infection (55/500; 11%) was often composed of 10 species including Fasciola hepatica, F.
Water from streams, use of traditional defecation sites, poor personal hygiene, illiteracy of mothers and rural living proved to be significant risk factors in predicting the intestinal helminth infection (p<0.
Lab work and tests in animals soon convinced Elliott and Weinstock that helminth infection could quell inflammation.
In United Kingdom, eosinophilia is used to investigate helminth infection among migrants and travellers coming from the tropics (Checkley et al.
The research team demonstrated that a molecule called IL25, a member of the IL17 cytokine family, promotes the accumulation of a lineage-negative multipotent progenitor cell population in the intestine that promotes T cell responses associated with asthma and helminth infection.
Helminth infection is not associated with faster progression of HIV disease in coinfected adults in Uganda.
2), (3) The drug is mostly used as a general treatment for a helminth infection.