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the strait between the Aegean and the Sea of Marmara that separates European Turkey from Asian Turkey

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78) In 410, the Spartan king Agis sent fifteen ships, manned by allies, to Chalcedon and Byzantium, and en route three of them were destroyed in the Hellespont by the nine Athenian ships that were always present to watch over merchantmen.
What is more, the sea was a Persian deity; in Aeschylus's Persians the ghost of Darius refers to the "holy Hellespont.
Border Thinking on the Edges of the West: Crossing Over the Hellespont.
Marlowe's poem is set in and around the Hellespont that flows between Sestos, located on the Greco-Turkish shore, and Abydos, on the Asiatic coast.
It ends with the expulsion of the last Persian garrisons from Thrace except in Doriscus, ending this stage of Persian policy towards Thrace and Macedonia and setting the stage for Alexander the Great crossing the Hellespont into Persia.
Someone said cuttingly of me, 'She lent a little too-fugitive glamour to those Hellespont royals.
The throng of a thousand ships of the Venetians, rulers of the sea, fighting with their fast ships, and the ships with mighty hollows, resembling mountains, of the Spaniards, that have the tops of their masts in the clouds, must rush towards the Hellespont (and a cross, which fends off evil, must always be raised on the tops of their masts).
If references to "The Passionate Shepherd" and Hero and Leander identify Gaveston with the author, the fantasy of the king cross-dressed as a girl, like the "nun" (44) for whom Leander swam the Hellespont, constitutes an unprecedented sexual coming-out for Marlowe, in winch the Shepherd's ambiguous Love and androgynous Hero are both discovered to have been "buskined" players all along (31): boys disguised in "artificial flowers and leaves, / Whose workmanship both man and beast deceives" (19-20).
When the Lakedaimonians got these oracles and saw that the Athenians were increasing in power ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) and were not prompt to obey them, and when they realized that the Attic race, in its freedom ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]), would be the equal of themselves, but, if controlled by a tyranny, would be weak and disposed to subjection ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII])--when they understood all this, they sent Hippias, the son of Peisitratos, from Sigeion on the Hellespont .
Maritime Broadband's C-Bird - tipped as a reliable, affordable and efficient VSAT communications solution for continuous connectivity at sea - has gained approval from shipping companies such as Enterprises (Greece), Hellespont (Germany), Sobelmar (Belgium), all of whom have recently joined their growing list of key clients.
The civilization of Homeric Troy, which commanded the Hellespont (the Dardanelles), still fascinates many visitors today.
Between the various ads of one kind or another, magazines carried features about noted travelers, such as Halliburton's "I Swim the Hellespont," in the May 1927 issue of Asia magazine.
What is the modern name for the Hellespont, the strait between the Aegean Sea and the Sea of Marmara?
Their trade with the mainland was largely in articles of luxury and utensils but the[y] were forced to provide themselves with grain from the Hellespont and the Propontis.
Herbert has lent to this poignancy no accidental setting: as the battle begins a new tableau is revealed of the Plain of Troy, with the wall of Troy stage left, and the Greek camp stage right, and "In the background the Hellespont, and beyond it the hills of the Chersonese (or Gallipoli Peninsula)" (Helen 102).