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the principles and ideals associated with classical Greek civilization

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It had in its favor, not only the sophisticated defense mounted by the later Neoplatonists, but also the longstanding association of Hellenism with learning and culture.
Hellenism, discussed above in relation to Levy, also emerged as significant for other writers this year.
The relationship between antiquity, archaeology and national imagination in Greece, the sacralisation of the Classical past, and the recasting of the Western Hellenism into an indigenous Hellenism have been extensively studied in the last 15 years or so (see e.
There are over 200 caucuses at the US Congress, including the caucus for promotion of Hellenism.
A 1919 production of Trojan Women in support of the League of Nations Union, staged in Oxford for a "No More War" conference before transferring to London, combined his interests in Hellenism, theater, and Liberal internationalism.
Some of the book titles that were donated included: "From Ishtar to Aphrodite: 3200 years of Cypriot Hellenism," "Alexander the Great," "The Olympic Games in Ancient Greece," "The Origins of El Greco," and "Hagia Sophia: The church of the holy wisdom of God.
in the 2,000 years that separated the Revolution of 1821 from Alexander the Great, very different versions of Hellenism emerged and took hold" (Kaldellis 2007: 14).
In 1979 Karl Rahner interpreted Vatican II as moving the church into the third of three primary epochs: the period of Hellenism and European culture, and (3) the period of a world church.
Love cites as her source for that Linda Dowling's Hellenism and Homosexuality in Victorian England.
Karolos Papoulias, Greece's president, said Papadopoulos had "fought with passion and consistency for the future of Cypriot Hellenism .
You don't need to have been to Greece often to know that the land's memory, the love of the language sung from Homer to Elytis, the devotion to Orthodoxy and the popular folklore still feed off nostalgia for Constantinople: the Benaki collection's Hellenism gives us access to this love in its most serene form, in which art serves as identity's caretaker.
The American literary tradition, like the country itself, is present on every page, yet it is refracted through Hellenism, an interlocutor who speaks a foreign yet thoroughly familiar tongue.
Contexts and Settings" (geography, Judaism and Hellenism, Temple, synagogue, and Jewish sects) and a final chapter that gives his summary of the preceding chapters.
Jews were being forced to convert to Hellenism and the Greek way of life.
Sanders, "Paul Between Judaism and Hellenism," unpublished paper delivered at the conference, "Saint Paul Among the Philosophers," Postmodernism, Culture and Religion 1, Syracuse, NY, April 15, 2005.