Helleborus orientalis

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slightly hairy perennial having deep green leathery leaves and flowers that are ultimately purplish-green

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Buy three Helleborus Orientalis Mixed for just PS11.
You can buy three Helleborus Orientalis Mixed for just PS11.
In recent years much breeding work has been carried out with Helleborus orientalis, producing astonishing colour combinations, including the elusive yellow.
I know I'm always going on about these favourites of mine but you won't go wrong with Helleborus orientalis `Lenten Roses'.
The Lenten rose, Helleborus orientalis, is generally green or cream flowered but also comes in many other colours, from speckled cream right through to purplish-black.
This technique is also suitable for bluebells, euphorbias and Helleborus orientalis hybrids, and will increase the vase life of cow parsley, roses and woody plants such as lilac and philadelphus.
The green or cream flowered Lenten rose, Helleborus orientalis has a better chance of living up to its name because Lent lasts for some weeks - and also moves from year to year.
ALSO known as the Lenten Rose, Helleborus orientalis is a spectacular perennial that produces flowers in profusion in February and March.
They resemble wild roses but are hellebores; the Helleborus orientalis is also known as the Lenten rose.
The Lenten Rose, Helleborus Orientalis, has become incredibly fashionable and the plant-breeders have been hard at work producing some gorgeous flowers in colours from the deepest purple back through clarets, pinks, greens and yellows with various amounts of spotting and stippling.
Less well known is Helleborus orientalis, the lenten rose, which, in the current novelty year, is already in bloom, although normally you can expect it later in spring.
Or replace with helleborus orientalis varieties that are partially resistant.
This is the lovely cup-shaped Helleborus orientalis with its plummy purple and a waxy white flower, but I'll just leave them alone, as they're tricky as cut flowers.
NAMED after the period it flowers - around Lent - the Lenten rose or Helleborus orientalis comes in an overwhelming choice of colours, from white to nearly black, and a variety of flower forms from saucer-shaped to nodding and double-flowered.
Find room for Helleborus orientalis, which is known as the Lenten rose and produces anything from greenish white through pink to rich purple flowers held above attractive, dense divided foliage.