Hell's Half Acre

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a district in Manhattan formerly noted for its slums and vice

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Our patients called the hospital Hell's half acre," said Doyle.
I described the authors of these novels--the majority male--as all over hell's half acre.
Hell's Half Acre, sponsored by the Minneapolis Star Tribune, has games and a selected list of links to other Halloween sites (www.
One of the city's most shining examples of downtown revitalization is the Fort Worth Convention Center, which sits on the site of what was once Hell's Half Acre, a brothel- and saloon-packed district where cowhands had their last fling before heading out on the Chisholm Trail.
The directional bunkering system seems to fall by the wayside on 17--a par-3 named Hell's Half Acre by Merchent's wife, Tenna--where the green is surrounded by bunkers.