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mostly freshwater protozoa

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Petersen and Hansen (1960) were the first to describe new species of a group of protistans known as heliozoa based on the electron microscopy of their scales.
The purpose of this paper is to give a taxonomic account of Indiana freshwater heliozoa observed during EM surveys for silica-scaled chrysophytes (Wujek & Swinehart 1995; Wujek & Bechtel 1997) from two northern counties and Lake Monroe in Monroe County.
Like all filose amoeba, this genus lacks the axonemes and extrusomes observed in the centrohelid heliozoa.
Like all filose amoebas, this genus lacks axonemes and extrusomes observed in the centrohelid heliozoa.
Monica Durrschmidt of Germany, a prominent worker on heliozoa in the 1980s.
Mikrjukov, prominent Russian researcher of heliozoa who tragically died 29 April 2000.
bursaria a a Paramecium 2 c a a Rotaria a a Spirostomum a a Predators Heliozoa sp.