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land snails including the common edible snail and some pests

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semenlini (Moricand, x x A5, A6, B6, C4, D1, 1845) D2, E2, E3, E5 FERUSSACIIDAE Caecilioides consobrina x x A6, D1, D2 (Orbigny, 1835) GASTRODONTIDAE Zonitoides arbereus x A5, B5, C4, E2, E3 (Say, 1816) HELICIDAE Otala sp.
In spite of this situation, in La Herrera in 8 habitats (6 terrestrial and 2 aquatic) ate registered 15 gastropods species in 11 families: Charopidae, Helicidae, Limacidae, Orthalicidae, Physidae, Planorbidae, Punctidae, Succineidae and Vertiginidae.
Las familias que presentaron el mayor numero de especies fueron: Orthalicidae con 4 (26,7% del total de especies), Limacidae, Succineidae y Vertiginidae con 2 cada una (40%), y las familias Charopidae, Helicidae, Physidae, Planorbidae, y Punctidae con l cada una (33,3%).
Helicidae y Limacidae son de origen europeo y han entrado al pais por diversas vias, por ejemplo sobre plantas (Limacidae) o con un fin comercial (uso alimenticio), como es el caso de Helix aspersa (Hausdorf, 2002).
Del total de familias registradas en La Herrera seis son terrestres (Orthalicidae, Charopidae, Helicidae, Limacidae, Punctidae y Vertiginidae), dos son dulceacuicolas (Physidae y Planorbidae) y una es anfibia (Succincidae).
At Tigzirt station, 18 species were inventoried, of which 09 species belonging to Hygromiidae, 3 species to Helicidae and 2 species to Subulinidae; while Oxychilidae, Enidae, Pomatiidae and Ferussaciidae families were represented only by one species each.
While only 6 species of Helicidae and two species of Subulinidae were sampled.
At the Tizi-Ouzou station, 19 species are identified and divided into 7 families, of which 8 species belonging to Hygromiidae and 5 species to Helicidae.
Three families Helicidae, Subulinidae and Oxychilidae remain at the Redjaouna station, they include four species of Helicidae.
While the Helicidae represented by Cornu aspersa aspersa, Cantareus apertus and Theba pisana, as well as the of Subulinidae represented by Rumina decollata and Rumina paivae are only weakly sampled with 15% and 2% respectively.
The second studied station revealed significant proportions of Helicidae Subulinidae and Hygromiidae and the existence of the Sphincterochilidae family with a rate of 10%; while Enidae and Pomatiidae are represented by Mastus pupa and Tudorella sulcata respectively and considered as the least prevalent families.
Descriptions of supposed new species and varieties of Helicidae from Jamaica.
The inventory conducted in the five sites reveals the occurrence of 11 species belonging to 6 families of terrestrial gastropods (Milacidae, Helicidae, Cochlicellidae, Subulinidae, Enidae, and Hygromiidae) (Table 2).
The family of Helicidae is the more rich specifically with 4 species, while the Hygromiidae and Melacideae contain two species; the families of Enideae, Subulinidae, and Cochlicellidae are represented by a species each.
Family Species Milacidae Milax gagates (Draparnaud, 1801) Milax nigricans (Phillipi, 1836) Helicidae Helix aspersa (Muller, 1774) Helix aperta (Born, 1778) Dupotetia Albastra zonata (Pallary, 1926) Otala lactae (O F Muller, 1774) Hygromiidae Helicella virgata (Da Costa, 1778) Trochoidae elegans (Gmelin, 1791) Cochlicellidae Cochlicella barbara (Linnaeus, 1758) Subulinidae Rumina decollata (Linnaeus, 1758) Enidae Zebrina detrita (Muller, 1774) Table 3: Average body weight (m [+ or -] SD, g) of terrestrial gastropods collected in the study sites (n = 100).