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land snails including the common edible snail and some pests

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Muller, 1774) (Gastropoda: Helicidae), though at a much higher concentration than the commercial product.
Helix aspersa (Muller, 1774) (Stylommatophora: Helicidae) (Wade etal., 2001) se reproduce con fines comerciales (Lamprea et al., 2009; Diaz et al., 2007), pero puede convertirse en plaga agricola o ser transmisor y vector de enfermedades en artropodos y plantas (Cruz et al., 2002; Alvarez et al., 2009).
Table I: List of items contained in Sturnus vulgaris digestive tracts Stations Catches Test garden Hamma Number of Guts Examined 48 Classes Orders Families Numbers Gastropoda Pulmonata Helicellidae 6 Helicidae 2 Cochlicellidae 26 Arachnida Aranea Aranea sp.
Theba pisana (Muller, 1774) (Gastropoda, Helicidae) and other alien land molluscs species in Argentina.
Spatial relationship and gene flow paths between populations of the alpine snail Arianta arbustorum (Pulmonata: Helicidae).
Effects of food availability, nutritional value, and alkaloids on food choice in the generalist herbivore Arianta arbustorum (Gastropoda: Helicidae).
Production of eggs and young snails by adult Theba pisana (Muller) and Cernuella virgata (Da Costa) (Mollusca, Helicidae) in laboratory cultures and field populations.
Helicidae), we observed loping in members of five additional species of terrestrial pulmonates on concrete surfaces in the laboratory or in the field.
(1998), who successfully used a dehydrated diet for culture of Cornu aspersum (Muller 1774) (as Helix aspera (Muller); Pulmonata: Helicidae), Most of these techniques, while adequate for small-scale maintenance and culture, are not particularly conducive for large-scale culture, or experimentation under uniform conditions.
The Helicinidae, Carychiidae, Achatinidae, Bradybaenidae, Bulimulidae, Cionellidae, Haplotrematidae, Helicidae, Oreohelicidae, Spiraxidae, Streptaxidae, Strobilopsidae, Thysanophoridae, Vallonidae (Gastropoda) in Texas.
Intra- and interspecific effects of population density on growth and activity in some Helicidae land snails (Gastropoda: Pulmonata).
Lima: Lomas "El Paraiso" Infraorden Sigmurethra, Familia Helicidae Cantareus aspersus 5 Dpto.
Climatic selection on body colour in the land snail Theba pisana (Pulmonata: Helicidae).
The biology and control of white snails (Mollusca: Helicidae), introduced pests in Australia.