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land snails including the common edible snail and some pests

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Family Species Milacidae Milax gagates (Draparnaud, 1801) Milax nigricans (Phillipi, 1836) Helicidae Helix aspersa (Muller, 1774) Helix aperta (Born, 1778) Dupotetia Albastra zonata (Pallary, 1926) Otala lactae (O F Muller, 1774) Hygromiidae Helicella virgata (Da Costa, 1778) Trochoidae elegans (Gmelin, 1791) Cochlicellidae Cochlicella barbara (Linnaeus, 1758) Subulinidae Rumina decollata (Linnaeus, 1758) Enidae Zebrina detrita (Muller, 1774) Table 3: Average body weight (m [+ or -] SD, g) of terrestrial gastropods collected in the study sites (n = 100).