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(Greek mythology) Greek goddess of fertility who later became associated with Persephone as goddess of the underworld and protector of witches

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In other words maat as "beautiful truth" had to be united also with maat as kindness in order to converge into total power (indeed, Hermes came to be associated with the logos, probably because he was a "master of words of power," the hekat or urheka).
Diop translates Problem 79, called the problem on "the inventory of goods contained in a house," from hieroglyphics as follows: "there are seven houses; in each house there are seven cats, each cat kills seven mice; each mouse had eaten seven grains; each grain would have produced seven hekat.
54), dating from the late Twelfth Dynasty, contains a summary of the number of hekat of Southern corn that had to be collected and paid by several overseers (nazir), making a total of 4017 1/2 hekat (see Figure 2).
Indeed, the entire development of the hekat system of grain measurement is, surprisingly, not addressed.
The theme of the fall of the Titans was quite suited for such poetic idiom that may remind one of the Egyptians' "words of power" (the hekat, the ur-heka).
Houses: 7 Cats: 49 Mice: 343 Heads of Wheat: 2,401 Hekats of Grain: 16,807 Total: 19,607