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a coastal region of the western Arabian Peninsula bordering on the Red Sea

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Hejaz Railway heritage daties back to Ottoman's Sultan Abdulhamid II
It would replace part of the historic Hejaz (Hedjaz) railway that the Ottomans built.
Lawrence pioneered tactics of unconventional warfare as he and the British Military Mission fought the Hedgehog mission alongside Arab forces against the Ottoman Turkish army, in the Hejaz region during the Arab Revolt of the WWI period.
It was decided to establish Hejaz back in 2014 to provide complete Islamic financial services solutions under one roof.
An official source at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates said: "It is not strange that the Wahhabist regime in Najd and Hejaz supported the tripartite aggression against Syria, especially after cutting off its arm and defeating and surrendering its tools represented by the terrorist organization Army of Islam.
Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC) is releasing 130 new plots in a master-planned gated community suitable for the construction of single-family homes at Al Hejaz Miram in Makkah.
Major industry players include Hejaz Financial Services in Thomastown, Victoria, one of the largest Islamic finance institutions in Australia; Melbourne-based MCCA Islamic Finance & Investments (formerly Muslim Community Cooperative of Australia); Islamic Co-Operative Finance Australia in Parramatta, Islamic home financing provider Iskan Finance and Islamic investment firm Crescent Wealth, both based in Sydney; Amanah Islamic Finance Australia based in Coburg, Victoria, as well as Islamic finance divisions of National Australia Bank and Westpac Banking Corp, which are mainly designing Muslim-friendly mortgage products to cater to the burgeoning real estate market where one of the most popular Shariah-compliant products is diminishing musharaka for home financing.
During the Ottoman era, a main station for the Hejaz railway was built at the site to connect the main cities of Palestine with the Hejaz region in Saudi Arabia in order to facilitate the travel of Muslim pilgrims to Mecca.
Ottomans used the port city to secure the Hejaz province -- present-day western Saudi Arabia -- from attackers using the Red Sea front.
Mecca is in the Saudi north-western province of Hejaz. The other Hejazi holy city of Madina and its main mosque is part of the annual pilgrimage.
Other MB-owned companies included Andalusia Real Estate Investments, Andalusia Hotel, Matrouh Company for financial and sports games, Al-Andalus and Hejaz Real Estate Investments company, Andalus and Hegaz company for maintenance and reconstruction work, Andalus and Hegaz for Real Estate and Marketing Services, Al-Andalus and Hegaz Tourism Development Company, Egyptian Qatari Company, Al Tayseer Company, Kimat trading and construction company and Blue Lagoon Hotel.
In fact, as early as 1908 the first narrow gauge railway, the Hejaz railway, was opened in Saudi Arabia and ran from the Jordan border to Medina.
The exhibition will present the first images of the Arabian Gulf region: 1850s photographs of Yemen, and an image of the Hejaz from 1861.
And they certainly were never asked if they wanted to be ruled by a Sunni dynasty that the British had implanted from the Hejaz, now a part of Saudi Arabia.
HSBC Global head of Business Banking Digital, Nadia Hejaz, said, 'Enabling small and medium-sized business customers to establish and manage their transaction data flow will save them time and effort.