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a headscarf worn by Muslim women

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the custom in some Islamic societies of women dressing modestly outside the home

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Afghanistan's history is full of conformism starting from failed revolutionary Hejab revealing acts of King Amanullah to wearing European dress styles during deceased monarch up to communist regime.
11] For Shawghi has emphasized on the necessity of taking Hejab in the most of his elegies:
The most important problem is the Hejab problem, and it is still going on in the parliament.
24) She is concerned about the loss of traditional Islamic values such as the women's hejab.
The "jewel in the crown" of the regime's reactionary acts of injustice against Iranian women is the obligatory hejab cover that has been forced upon them.
A few of the international designers Sharjah women can choose from are Zarmina for the higher end of the fashion and luxury market; Hejab Zafar for screen printing and embroidered designs; Aroosi Couture for traditional ethnic wear, funky fusion wear, kaftans and jalabiyas; and Saim for traditional and western collections.
Although I do not think looking at the nude photo of another human may have an attraction, but it is certainly far more enjoyable than looking at the fully covered and burqa and hejab wearing body of a woman who has been wrapped and imprisoned by her man.
We should consider how the Islamists will solve the problems which our society faces, rather than focusing on things like wearing the hejab or banning alcohol and bikinis.
Today across the Middle East, poetry, comedy theater, and rap is incorporating anti-jihad and anti-dictatorial themes; young women of "the pink hejab generation" are demanding equal rights; and self-taught "satellite sheikhs" and "YouTube imams" are using new technology to spread "a gentler genre of Islam" with their message of tolerance.
Ala Hejab, a physician, said people do not have any sympathy for the accused in the "camel battleground" case as all of them are corrupt.
Dressed in a colorfully appliqued hejab headcovering and jelbab, the traditional black gown, Amira Al-Hemyari tells The Media Line that as a distributor her company, El Ezzi Industries, cares about the farmers' needs as well as its bottom line.
Governor of the Liberated Quneitra Riyadh Hejab cited other violations repeatedly practiced by Israel in the Golan including those of destroying agricultural crops, uprooting trees and distributing confiscated lands among Israeli soldiers with 250 square meters each.
I hope that we can be a bridge to open a dialogue between the two countries", Bening, wearing a black traditional hejab and headscarf, told reporters.
All this is a kind of defiance, despite the crackdown by the Hejab police.