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German dramatist whose works concern people torn between reason and emotion (1777-1811)

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Eine exemplarische Auseinandersetzung mit Heinrich von Kleists Erzahlung "Das Bettelweib von Locarno.
Love in the Wars: a version of Penthesilea by Heinrich von Kleist.
Die Lesbarkeit der Seele in den Zeichen des Korpers: Penthesilea--ein Trauerspiel von Heinrich von Kleist.
Heinrich von Kleist, the most modern of all classic authors, has had hardly any attention from biographers in recent decades.
Mieszkowski concentrates on how the careful reading of a short text by Heinrich von Kleist calls attention to our inability to account for the linguistic structures that are intended to explain what happens in a literary tale.
To the southwest, on the bank of the Lesser Wannsee between Berlin and Potsdam, we sometimes pay our respects at the grave of Germany's greatest dramatist, Heinrich von Kleist (1777-1811), at the spot where, on November 21, 1811, driven by despair, he committed suicide along with his acquaintance Henriette Vogel, who was dying from cancer.
Algo mas ajeno a la polemica suscitada por Voltaire, pero igualmente dedicado a analizar la angustia con la que los intelectuales percibieron esa prueba de la insensibilidad de Dios, un ultimo articulo trata sobre la obra de Heinrich von Kleist Erdbeben in Chile, <<El terremoto de Chile>> (15).
Heinrich von Kleist, the nineteenth-century German writer, is best known for his plays, such as Robert Guiscard and The Prince of Homburg, and his short stories, like Michael Kohlhaas and The Earthquake in Chile.
Patriarchy's Fragile Boundaries under Siege: Three Stories of Heinrich von Kleist.
See Walter Muller-Siedel, Versehen und Erkennen (Cologne: Bohlau, 1967); Elmar Hoffmeister, Tauschung und Wirklichkeit bei Heinrich von Kleist (Bonn: Bouvier, 1968); and Ilse Graham, Heinrich yon Kleist: Word into Flesh (Berlin: Walter de Gruyter, 1977).
The film, a western morality tale, was written by Cusack's father Dick, based on the book Michael Kolhaas by Heinrich von Kleist.
Entre las muevas ideas que hacia finales del siglo XVIII produjeron un amplio y variado numero de intentos dramaticos en Alemania, buena parte de ellos hoy francamente sepultados, el teatro de Heinrich von Kleist (1777-1811) antecedio al gran intento de unificacion de los valores clasicos y romanticos encabezado por Goethe y Schiller.
One of the first modern poets to treat nature as a principal subject, he was the forerunner of the new poetic attitude toward nature in German literature that culminated in the works of Heinrich von Kleist and the Swiss anatomist and physiologist Albrecht von Haller.
Hoffmann, Friedrich von Fouqu e(1777 - 1843), Chamisso, Heinrich von Kleist, and again, Arnim and Brentano.