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German novelist and writer of short stories (1917-1985)

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Speaking to inter-sectionality within women's political representation, Country Director Heinrich Boell Stiftung Pakistan, Jacqueline Wilk commented on the need for including diverse profiles and perspectives on the gender quota and that gender democracy is a core component of hbs.
Over the last ten years, the gender budgeting work of the Adva Center at the national and municipal levels has been the recipient of generous support from the Hadassah Foundation, the National Council of Jewish Women, the Jewish Women's Foundations of Boston, Chicago, New York, Washington D.C., and Baltimore, and the Women's Amutot of Miami, as well as from the European Union, Cordaid (Holland) and the Heinrich Boell Foundation.
Among them was Heinrich Boell, who after the war became a novelist and won the Nobel prize for literature.
This was the crux of a recently arranged experts talk by Barbara Unmuessig, President of the Heinrich Boell Stiftung (HBS) here.
All these issues were discussed at length in a capacity building national workshop for media persons on 'International Trade and Gender Dynamics in India' which was jointly organised recently in Delhi by the Center for Trade and Development, Third World Network, Centre for Legislative Research and Advocacy and Heinrich Boell Foundation.
Our first funds came from Oxfam Canada and the Frauenanstiftung, a German feminist agency now integrated into the Heinrich Boell Foundation.
The collection included manuscripts by Communist philosophers Karl Marx and Freidrich Engels and treasures given to the city by luminaries such as Nobel Prize-winning author Heinrich Boell. Cologne also housed the largest collection of works by composer Jacques Offenbach, as well as important documents from Germany's first chancellor, Konrad Adenauer.
Amongst the ruins of the civic archives in Cologne, Germany, which collapsed on the 3rd of March, are feared to be the papers and unpublished works of Nobel Prize-winning author Heinrich Boell.
The historical archive was one of the biggest of its kind in Germany and housed, among other, papers from Heinrich Boell, the Nobel Prize winning German author.
Our first thanks are to the Heinrich Boell Foundation for providing support for the conference, as well as for ongoing support of the Adva Center.
Among our active partners are the Green Guide, Brazil's Open University for the Atlantic Forest, the Center for a New American Dream, the Consumer Choice Council, Global Legislators for a Balanced Environment, and Germany's Heinrich Boell Foundation and Germanwatch.
(He was arrested after he returned from a seminar in Berlin hosted by the Heinrich Boell Foundation in April 2000.
The impact is the same as reading Nadine Gordimer about South Africa, Alexander Solzhenitsyn about the Soviet Union, Gabriel Garcia Marquez about Latin America; Wole Soyinka about Nigeria; Heinrich Boell about Germany, and William Faulkner about the American South.
Organized by the Heinrich Boell Stiftung (the cultural organisation of the German Green Party) with the Swiss Embassy, this festival screens documentaries about human rights and migration, often with post-projection conversation with the filmmakers and roundtable discussions on related themes.
They were speaking at a consultation on 'Making Gender Quota Meaningful' organised by the Heinrich Boell Stiftung here on Thursday.