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capital of North Korea and an industrial center

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A week later, fourteen Superfortresses made another major attack against Pyongyang's Heijo and Onjong-ni airfields.
(115) Other relevant legislation includes Art.s 2, 3 & 11of the Italian Constitution, and Art 21 of the Italian Trade Mark Law (applicable both to names and pictures of real persons when they form, or are part of, a trademark, note also Article 21 1.m also reserves to well-known persons the right to register their name or trade mark) and Article 96 of Italian Copyright Law which states that images and pictures of real persons may only be distributed or exhibited with the consent of that person (although 97 dis-applies the consent requirement where the reproduction has a cultural or scien-tic goal) per Toni, Anna Maria and Alessandri, Nicola in "Character Merchandising in Europe", ed Heijo Ruijsenaars, Kluwer Law International, 2003 at 165;
(119) per Navarro, Susana Navas in "Character Merchandising in Europe", ed Heijo Ruijsenaars, Kluwer Law International, 2003 at 295;
These were the former IJAAF's large Heijo airfield at Pyongyang, the abandoned IJNAF depot at Wonsan on Korea's east coast, and the nearby Yonpo airfield.
The NKPAF was fortunate to possess the former Japanese facilities at Heijo, which included a major army arsenal manufacturing small arms and munitions, including artillery shells and aircraft bombs.
Never airworthy, but complete with NKPAF markings, the Japanese fighter was made the "gate guardian" at Heijo airfield.
The 1st Technical Battalion was stationed at Heijo (and its satellite Onjong-ni) airfield in the west side of the country, and the 2d Technical Battalion was split between Yonpo and Wonsan airfields on the east coast.
The second 11-10 squadron, remaining at Heijo, and the Yak-9Ps would support the main advance towards Seoul.