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a follower of the thought of Hegel

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crucial extension and concretization of Hegelian dialectics." (1)
It will be seen that from the Hegelian or Marxian standpoint, capitalism, being an imperfect social system, is a thesis which is destined to bring forth its own antithesis which will contend with and destroy it, in due Course of time.
Hegelian dialectics and existential dialectics aim to comprehend ecology as a new paradigm of politics and culture.
In the fourth and final chapter, Finkelde deepens and thickens the Kantian and Hegelian ideas he has been developing by embedding them in Lacan's psychoanalytic approach to subjectivity.
Only Simone de Beauvoir is a thinker from the mid-twentieth century whose Hegelian points of departure are more obscured in her reception than those of Fanon.
The novel, however, is less a celebration of a Marxist temporality not beholden to a Hegelian teleology than it is an indictment of Marxism.
I dare say it is due to incessant unthinking trials of making Hegelian synthesis and application of Parmenidian logic to any conflict.
The originality of Hegelian speculation can be found not only in the use of dialectics, conceived as a method able to catch the Whole, but also in a new analysis perspective opposed to formal logic, that according to Hegel was the expression of common sense and of the intellect's activity.
adopted "the German approach," which embraced the Hegelian notion that "rights did not naturally belong to the individual, but were the gift of the state." From Hegel to Burgess to Roosevelt to the early 20th-century Progressives to Barack Obama--that is Pestritto's tale of the triumph of pernicious foreign ideas imported into the United States.
De Boer presents impressively clear explications of Hegelian ideas and a fresh perspective on Hegel's thought.
Marx claimed that his own analysis was 'not only different from the Hegelian, but exactly opposite to it' (1873 'Postface to the Second Edition' of Capital I, Ben Fowkes translation, Penguin 1976: p.
Yet the book affected me profoundly despite the prohibitions posed by its sustained Hegelian scaffolding and the use of language from another era.
The Hegelian project of the philosophy of religion needs not be discussed starting solely from his lectures delivered after 1821 in Berlin.
The manuscript was intended to educate members of James' political organization in the Hegelian and Marxist dialectic and to review the political premises of the modern working class after World War II.