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German philosopher whose three stage process of dialectical reasoning was adopted by Karl Marx (1770-1831)

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Among their topics are resistance and repetition: Hegel and Freud, the spirit of resistance and its fate, unthinking inertia: resistance and obsolescence in Hegel's theory of history, freedom and dissent in Hegel's Philosophy of Right, and elements of an inversive right of resistance in Hegel.
Este libro, como su titulo indica, es una guia--un hilo conductor--de lectura de la obra de uno de los mas grandes pensadores: Hegel.
Se deja claro, desde el principio, que las lecturas actuales son diferentes de las decimononicas, pero en la mayoria de los capitulos se lee a Hegel de modo textual y sin hacer hincapie en los interpretes: "se ha excluido ofrecer un estudio de topicos del pensamiento hegeliano y se ha optado por introducir o conducir al lector interesado en la filosofia del Berlines hacia y por los textos que Hegel escribio (sin olvidar los que dicto, dada la buena edicion de la que se dispone en la actualidad)" (p.
While Buck-Morss mentioned the writings of the African historian and intellectual Pierre Franklin Tavares in her work, she failed to give serious attention to his major claims concerning Hegel and Haitian History.
In May 1992, the Haitian journal Chemins Critiques, Revue Hai'tiano-Caraibeenne, published an excerpt of Tavares's 1989 doctoral dissertation; the article is entitled "Hegel et Haiti ou le silence de Hegel sur Saint Domingue" (Chemins Critiques, Revue Hai'tiano-Caraibeenne, Vol.
00--This is a book about Hegel--specifically, about Hegelian dialectics--organized around two primary claims: that there exists a link between Hegel and the philosophical practices of the medieval period, when the distinct dialectical form of identity and difference first takes shape; and that what goes by the name of "theory" today in the humanities owes more than is generally recognized to Hegel's "daring extension of the medieval discipline of dialectic into modernity.
As far as the continuous relevance of Hegel's nature-philosophical speculations for our 2ist century is concerned, we agree with the philosopher Manfred Gies where he wrote that Hegel, in his thoughts about the notions of 'space', 'time', and 'matter', had reached insights which touch precisely those points at which the discipline of physics possibly reaches its own methodological barriers [9](p.
A historia e entendida por Hegel como atividade essencialmente humana e se trata do palco no qual o pensar aparece associado ao ser, e tal associacao e marcada pela identidade.
Hegel explico porque apreciaba altamente los valores de amor y solidaridad propalados por el cristianismo (2) y porque suponia que no todas las religiones son iguales entre si.
What that has to do with Hegel and his views of political philosophy and science may well be rather obscure, but I shall endeavour to make it clear in the denouement to this review.
He has figured minimally in histories of geography, and critical geographers who have engaged with Hegel have done so indirectly, either through Karl Marx's work or through Marxist and postcolonial scholars' readings of Hegel.
O que contribui a dialetica antiga na obra de Hegel; o que Hegel compreende de Platao e Aristoteles; que contribuicao lhe oferece o pensamento desses dois; o que ha de moderno e de antigo no pensamento deste alemao; como Hegel compreende e critica a propria modernidade a partir de sua compreensao dos antigos?
Despues fue Hegel profesor particular, de 1793 a 1800, y estuvo en Berna y en Frankfurt.
Hegel y Marx seran otros de los grandes develadores de la idea de fin de la historia, entendido como fin ideologico de la humanidad y no como fin de los acontecimientos o como fin del mundo.
Between Hegel and Spinoza; a volume of critical essays.